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Creature from the Black Lagoon

By BenTanArt
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Can you believe it? Another Halloween picture!

The layout and text are lame, and I should probably put in another 4 hours to finish it, but then I wouldn't get any work done today.

[Edit: Fixed the crazy proportions to something a little more sane.]

[Edit 2: Fixed the font]

[Edit 3: Fixed the font (again) and colors -- thanks to everyone who offered suggestions.]
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© 2009 - 2021 BenTanArt
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Talex0211's avatar
Black Lagoon Creature is Horny... Clearly.
if this hottie hangs out in a swamp then I need to change my locale to match.
badger1965's avatar
jason123za's avatar
I've never bothered to check this flick out, perhaps it's time I did!
LittleKunai's avatar
Waiting for it to snap in 3, 2,1...
BlackVulmea's avatar
Beautiful, but is it bad that I keep thinking of a Coppertone ad?
greent64's avatar
I didn't see the earlier versions, but I love this one :)
House-of-Sah's avatar
Hiya BenTanArt, love your work, do you do commissions?
BenTanArt's avatar
Hi!  I do take occasional commissions, though I'm a little backlogged at the moment.  Send me an email about what you want to do:
Crossroads44's avatar
lol. Awesome. It's what all we really wanted to see in the end.
BenTanArt's avatar
Thanks for the interest, Magicvanman, but DA won't let me sell this because of the "Creature From the Black Lagoon" copyright.  I suppose I could remove the text and it'd be safe...
SweetCaptiveArt's avatar
Wonderful!..... Mystery: Is that her top hanging in the trees? How did it get there? Are there more than one creature? Did she leave it there? If so, then I believe she was asking for this kind of trouble. Jus' sayin'. ;-)
BenTanArt's avatar
I like how it's drawn you in :)
BleedingHeartsGN's avatar
I love your style and taste and women.......I really encourage you to check the project I've dedicated my page to. In all honesty this figure you drew is IDENTICAL to what I imagined the main character from my comic looking like!! Seriously
BenTanArt's avatar
Thanks!  That's always nice to hear.
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squarenuts's avatar
Exploring the Wetlands?
DocMaddox's avatar
Excellent, sir. Most excellent.
ACE-Mat's avatar
wow, great work.
paulnery's avatar
japender61's avatar
The Creature knows a good thing when he sees it!
MarkRaats's avatar
LOL, what a stunning piece of work! 

Fave from me to be sure!
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