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Paper Mario: Colors of Creation: Introduction

Ah- welcome, museum patrons! For today’s tour, I thought we’d travel down the lane of history to discuss the Lo Cor Kingdom’s past. Long ago, there was a king. He was incredibly open with his subjects, despite suggestions to keep his distance. He also preached the importance of different ideals. Finally, in an effort to ensure his loyal subjects would be safe, the king commissioned a machine with control over color itself. Unfortunately, this was not to last. For, like many, his service to the throne ended. Soon, there was a struggle for who would be crowned next. One side favored wisdom, while another craved power. What was once a colorful kingdom found itself diluted by an all-out war. And reformatting that machine for conflict really did not help matters. Finally, when all was said and done- there was no winner. Not only had the fallen ones vanished- so too did the wise minds that had helped the royal family throughout the ages. And the machine sank into the colorless abyss, followed only by dedicated remnants of the war. Now, who knows what the future holds for our Lo Cor Kingdom? But, I see a glimmer of hope in the distance. For I have seen him coming here- the man in red. He will know what to do...

What you just read was the intro to a fangame me and my team are currently working on, yes you heard right a fangame, this is actually a game in the works, with fanmade music, art, story and so on. For more information visit the mainsite of the game…

The game will be a successor to Super Paper Mario with some feature from Paper Mario TTYD:

- The Jump n' Run/RPG Hybrid from Super Paper Mario, but with new addtitions
- Badges are back to help Mario on his Adventure
- Original Partners are also back
- A new Audience system that works similar to the PM:TTYD Audience
- Colors! The main mechanic of the game, use them to do multiple things like, puzzle solving or attacking
- Level Up! If you reach a specific score you'll get to choose between upgrading Hp, Fp or Bp
- Custom Sprites
- Custom Music
- Open world similar to PM:TTYD

So what will I post here? And what can you read? First of I will not only provide Story and Background Informations but also music, artwork and much more :D

this will be pretty spoiler heavy and I will probably go throught the story of the whole game, so if you want to experience the story while playing the finished product, dont read these Submissions or atleast not the ones which are labeled as Chapters. These spoiler heavy submissions will also be marked so that its obvious and you know that it is something with spoilers in it

So thats it for today, hope you will have fun and enjoyement with the further submissions that will come in the future :D

If you want to know more here are some helpfull links :)
- My Twitter (where I'll post mostly updates on the games development) :
- MY Youtube channel :…
- ReWilfre's Youtube channel (the main composer in our team) :…
- RED's Soundcloud (One of the composers on board):
- Twodreamy Luigi's Youtube Channel (He makes most of the artwork) :…
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So this is a fangame in the works then? Finally! I have found one! XD How long have you been working on it? How much progress have you made so far? WHEN CAN I PLAY IT????? (I am trying to fill the hole color splash has left in my heart xP)
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:D Okay, I'll answer every question XD, This game is in the works since Jannuary, We are still at the prologue (but have most of the planning already done), You can probably play it sometimes before the Color Splash release (atleast thats the plan, but things can change, so there is no set date, yet :D )
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That is awesome! I can't wait to play what you've got so far =D

Also this would make epic title music for this game:…

(I know the composer isn't going to share that song, but it just sounded like it fit so perfectly with this as the title's music I just had to point it out =P)
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We have our own custom music, so be prepared for some nice tunes :D and yes Lorrenzo's Paper Mario music always fits XD
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Yes! I've actually checked out some of your tunes, they sound awesome. Can't wait to hear them in game. =D It's just I'm so impressed with this guys music, it sounds like it's ripped right from a paper mario game itself! Man, I hope one day I'll be able to compose stuff that good. I've just got too many interests to focus solely on music. XS Even your guys tunes sound better than mine, but then again I'm still stuck in the pop world..... Some day I will compose more classical pieces, I really will!!! XD
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Good luck with that :D
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Paper Mario fangames and stories have always piqued my interest. What inspired the idea for Colors of Creation?
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It basically started of with me just creating a simple platformer engine. I was a very active member on the ICU Gigasoft forum (the people who made Seven Sages and Starlite world) and I saw that they announced Epic Paper Mario (A sidescroller Paper Mario similar to SPM but with the PM2 battle system) So I thought to myself, why not try something similar but give it a different vibe and feeling. Thats when I started to make sprites and programmed some more on the engine so it feels more like SPM. After a while I thought "I can never create something like this on my own" So I asked people if they wanted to help with the game. And thats where we are today, a team consisting of around 10 people trying to make a game as good as SPM or maybe even better. :D
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Ooo! Exciting! I always enjoy when fans can go the extra step to make a full blown fan game, I look forward to giving it a go some time.
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Do you need any assistance perchance?
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That depends on what you are able to help with :D
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Well, unfortunately I don't know what engine the game runs on. I am an avid artist and designer. I've helped with a couple things in the past, such as programming and designing characters, enemies, environment, characters and dialogue for the Off-fangame HOME and I'm a voiceactor and graphics designer for the Dinosaur Planet project. The teaser trailer will launch on the 20th of August.

I've recently finished a playthrough of Paper Mario, followed by Super Paper Mario. TTYD has always been a game very close to me during my childhood. I am generally very passionate about the Paper Mario games and I am going to stream Color Splash in the future.

I really wish to help. If there is ANYTHING I can do, even get the word out, I will.
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We are creating the game with the help of Game Maker Studio :D
And that sounds really good, sure I'll send you a note with more details :D btw do you have discord? Thats what we are using to organize everything :D
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I have discord. I can pass it over to you.
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