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I have been called...I must answer. Always. by BenSoulstone I have been called...I must answer. Always. :iconbensoulstone:BenSoulstone 11 0 Fools, the lot of you by BenSoulstone Fools, the lot of you :iconbensoulstone:BenSoulstone 3 0 Someone need a hero? by BenSoulstone Someone need a hero? :iconbensoulstone:BenSoulstone 3 2 Pufthog rollin' out by BenSoulstone Pufthog rollin' out :iconbensoulstone:BenSoulstone 6 7 The Pumpkin King himself  by BenSoulstone The Pumpkin King himself :iconbensoulstone:BenSoulstone 9 4 The sound of rollin' dice  by BenSoulstone The sound of rollin' dice :iconbensoulstone:BenSoulstone 6 6 Name's Duncan Drayelav. I hear you need help by BenSoulstone Name's Duncan Drayelav. I hear you need help :iconbensoulstone:BenSoulstone 2 8 Time to go WHOLE HOG by BenSoulstone Time to go WHOLE HOG :iconbensoulstone:BenSoulstone 5 15 This is extraordinarily bad by BenSoulstone This is extraordinarily bad :iconbensoulstone:BenSoulstone 10 8 Gaze upon sheer perfection by BenSoulstone Gaze upon sheer perfection :iconbensoulstone:BenSoulstone 6 4 I will finish what you started by BenSoulstone I will finish what you started :iconbensoulstone:BenSoulstone 1 5 Alright, how about round two? by BenSoulstone Alright, how about round two? :iconbensoulstone:BenSoulstone 2 6 You need something? by BenSoulstone You need something? :iconbensoulstone:BenSoulstone 1 2 Spike Spiegel signed by Steve Blum by BenSoulstone Spike Spiegel signed by Steve Blum :iconbensoulstone:BenSoulstone 2 9 You gotta be kiddin' me... by BenSoulstone You gotta be kiddin' me... :iconbensoulstone:BenSoulstone 1 2 Mary Elizabeth McGlynn signed Motoko Kusanagi by BenSoulstone Mary Elizabeth McGlynn signed Motoko Kusanagi :iconbensoulstone:BenSoulstone 4 2


Stigande ~ The Wild Hunt Part VI
Fenris was completely out of view now as Taisen returned to his seat on the couch, sighing and plopping down onto the cushions. The seat was more comfortable than most of the furniture in the Pinnacle, largely by virtue of the fact that it wasn’t falling to pieces through the ravages of antiquity. He laced his fingers together behind his head and leaned against the back of the couch, staring at the walls of the room, only half paying attention to the tapestries that adorned the walls at first. After a while of letting his eyes wander around the various scenes, his interest grew, and he broke the heavy silence.
Taisen: Do you know much about the church, Soulstone?
Soulstone opened his eyes a bit and glanced over at Taisen. Soulstone had propped his feet up and leaned back relaxed.
Soulstone: More than most I’d say.
Taisen: Do you know what these tapestries mean? Like, for example that armoured woman with the golden hair. I’m sure I’ve seen her in other places in
:iconlord-naraku:Lord-Naraku 9 10
Stigande ~ The Wild Hunt Part V
Fenris’ sentence was cut short from a buzzing whistling sound cutting through the darkness of the trees coming closer and closer towards them. Catching the sound he turned and in one fluid motion threw Taisen down on the ground before ducking himself. Shiro leaped back just in time to miss a large blood red axe spinning through the spot where he and Tai were just standing and nailing a tree not ten feet from them before disappearing.
Taisen: Fuck!!! What the hell?
Shiro growled as he turned and looked towards the darkness. Fenris got up slowly and formed his sword as he peered through the veil towards the same area Shiro was looking. Soulstone stood there rather alarmed and ready for a fight as always. A familiar and unwelcome voice cut through the darkness.
Skoll: Well, what a fucking disappointment this is. I turn you and you don’t kill any of them but you become an obedient dog?
Skoll appears from the shadows a few feet from the group looking a bit irritated. He formed h
:iconlord-naraku:Lord-Naraku 9 9
Stigande ~ The Wild Hunt Part IV
Daylight pierced the darkness of the cave as Shiro came to. He blinked and tried to focus his eyes. His head throbbed a bit and his stomach hurt and then it all came flooding back to him. The previous night, warming up to Tai, falling asleep, and then Skoll’s attack! He suddenly flipped over having realized he was lying on his stomach. He was on a dirty cave floor, it was filled with shadows as the sun from the morning poured into the entrance. He wasn’t very far into the cave. Instinctively, he reached for his neck and felt for the bite mark where Skoll had bit him but it was gone. His skin was smooth like nothing had ever happened. Reality slapped him hard in the face however.
Skoll: I see you’re awake. Don’t worry, it won’t leave a scar. Your newly acquired ability to quickly regenerate has seen to that. You’re about to undergo several new changes to your body.
Shiro: What the… what the hell did you do to me?
Shiro couldn’t immediately
:iconlord-naraku:Lord-Naraku 8 8
Stigande ~ The Wild Hunt Part III
Soulstone returned as the light was fading around in the forest. He had taken longer than expected out there. Perhaps to clear his head about the day's events. The sounds of the night had begun to creep in as the chirping of birds was replaced with the noises of insects and the sounds of night. The warmth of the day had long begun to fade and the night air filled with a heavy chill. A low rolling fog had descended as well in this forest giving a whole new level of creepy vibe to the place as the night’s grasp on the land encroached.
Soulstone: Sorry about taking so long. I know it gets a bit chilly here at night.
Neither Shiro nor Taisen had been worried about Soulstone’s protracted absence until it had begun to drop dark. Neither one had spoken up about it yet, but both of them were considering going to look for him and asking the other one to look out for Fenris.
Shiro: No worries, we’re just glad you’re safe. Not that I think there’s much in these woods
:iconlord-naraku:Lord-Naraku 8 3
Stigande ~ The Wild Hunt Part II
The morning sun broke through the curtains of the inn’s bay window that the group was currently staying in. Shiro and Taisen’s bed shook with a jarring motion waking them both from their peaceful looking dreamstate. Fenris stood at the foot of their bed and bumped the bed rails with his knees hoping it would wake them up with ease.
Fenris: HEY YOU TWO! Wake up! Daylight’s a burning!
Shiro and Tai both started to stir under the covers. Shiro groaned and buried his face in Taisen’s chest.
Taisen: Hey. Morning.
He blinked at Fenris with bleary eyes.
Taisen: You been up long? Are we leaving now?
Fenris: I’ve been up for a little bit, not too long. I figured it was best to let you two sleep. You looked so peaceful. Soulstone is grabbing a few things before we hit the road. I hope you like walking! It’s no Fumiko training but let’s hope Soulstone doesn’t decide to give you both “Soulstone training”.
Fenris made quotation mark motion
:iconlord-naraku:Lord-Naraku 8 10
Stigande ~ The Wild Hunt Part I
The evening sun began to hang low in the sky as a signal of the oncoming nightfall. The summer was drawing to a close and fall was already beginning to make its presence known. As the sun faded, a chill began to fill the air. Soulstone and Fenris walked side by side down a rugged dirt road, exhausted and drained.
Soulstone: Man, Fenris, I’m never one to complain but can we call it a night? I’m ready for a bath and some food. My belly has been rumbling since that last town we passed through.
Fenris sighed. There was a little annoyance in his sigh.
Fenris: I guess so.
His ears drooped a little bit.
Soulstone reached over and put a hand on his shoulder and looked at him as they walked onward.
Soulstone: Hey, we’re both tired and drained, both physically and mentally. I smell really bad and wasting any more energy that we don’t have looking for your asshole of a brother isn’t going to do us or anyone else any good if we can’t do anything to him when we d
:iconlord-naraku:Lord-Naraku 8 5
The Infinite Doctor (regenerated edition) by PaulHanley The Infinite Doctor (regenerated edition) :iconpaulhanley:PaulHanley 440 120 Eldritich Spawn - Lictor Class by Lord-Naraku Eldritich Spawn - Lictor Class :iconlord-naraku:Lord-Naraku 42 48 Elf Maiden AP by Marker-Mistress Elf Maiden AP :iconmarker-mistress:Marker-Mistress 12 3
Stigande/Demon Tide X-Over: The Wolfen Knight pt18
The squad gathered in Fenris’s room. Having spoken with him about what he needed to return home, Fumiko had brought the full-length mirror from her own room as a permanent part of the furniture, deciding that his need was greater than hers. There weren’t many in the castle, but being a unit commander had its perks. As Shiro’s eyes fell on it, he found himself thinking about how much easier it would have been to show Fenris his Spirit Knight get-up if it had already been there, instead of having to rely on a faint reflection in the window. The unit members were all gathered in a loose group, facing Fenris with the feeling that they were about to lose one of their number. One by one, they stepped forward; even those who had spent less time with him were clearly affected by his departure.
Hayate stepped forward first. Wordlessly, he extended a hand, eyes full of respect and gratitude. Fenris grabbed his hand and clasped his forearm like the tradition back home, his
:iconspiritknightshiro:SpiritKnightShiro 4 7
Stigande/Demon Tide X-Over: The Wolfen Knight Pt17
Shiro: What about these?
Shiro held up a pair of leather boots decorated with blue flames and blew off the thick layer of dust that had been coating them. As it filled the air around him, he coughed, covering his mouth with the crook of his elbow.
He and Taisen had been searching the vault for the last twenty minutes, hoping to find a few items in the clothing stores that they could give to the new ally that they had quickly grown very fond of. In the short space of time since they had met, they had gone from almost killing each other (that was how Shiro would tell the story, even if it was a little more one-sided in truth) to standing side by side to face the most dangerous demon that any of them had ever encountered. Without Fenris’s aid, many Spirit Knights would have lost their lives. Both Shiro and Taisen, as well as the rest of their unit, had been glad to hear that Fenris intended to stick around for a few days.
Taisen: Yeah, they’re definitely appropriate.
He grinne
:iconspiritknightshiro:SpiritKnightShiro 5 7
Brothers in Arms - Shiro x Fenris by Lord-Naraku Brothers in Arms - Shiro x Fenris :iconlord-naraku:Lord-Naraku 159 63
Mature content
Stigande/Demon Tide X-Over: The Wolfen Knight Pt16 :iconspiritknightshiro:SpiritKnightShiro 3 0
I Only Come to This Planet for the Wine by PaulHanley I Only Come to This Planet for the Wine :iconpaulhanley:PaulHanley 183 29 HAPPY CHRISTMAS LORD-NARAKU! by SpiritKnightShiro HAPPY CHRISTMAS LORD-NARAKU! :iconspiritknightshiro:SpiritKnightShiro 12 12 Soulstone Beskyddare by Lord-Naraku Soulstone Beskyddare :iconlord-naraku:Lord-Naraku 40 30



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Hey everyone! It’s been a while. I just had time and wanted to mention something. Like the title says, I got a good friend that could use some help. She’s a talented artist and could use some commissions. I can vouch that she’s done some pretty epic artwork. Don’t believe me? Well go to her twitter GatoIshwary and see for yourself and then be sure to get a commission! I’m sure she’ll discuss rates and come up with a fair price for you. She’s in dire times financially and I ain’t swimming in money myself but I wanted to help her out. So if you can, please help her! Or at least spread the word! Thanks y'all!

I think she has a DeviantArt page too, just unsure what it is.


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