New Life and New Civilizations

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Picture if you will the Popham colony, third English colony in North America, presided over by a Mr. Raleigh Gilbert. Who in 1608 learns of the death of his older brother John and his inheritance of Compton Castle in Devon, and then leaves. Fortunately the colonists have built the Virginia, first ship built by Europeans in North America, and they can pilot the ship away from this horrible, cold continent. Now imagine the nearby Abenaki Indians, who have been watching the ship's construction, decide they might have use for the invaders' technology.

Thus began the voyages of the Sagadahoc-Virginia, its mission, to explore the strange new world beyond the Ocean, to seek out new life and civilizations. To boldly go where no Abenaki has gone before!
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Interesting premise though the natives will have a lot to catch up on, particularly weapons at that time, although I am sure the various powers will do their best to influence the newcomers.