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So here we are. Our planet has been invaded, and the powerful, high-tech, incomprehensible strangers are here to stay (…). What do we do now?

Well our first step is to not be horribly slaughtered. We talked last time (…) about how any violent conflict will inevitably end in our extinction. But how do we protect ourselves? We could be sitting on something they want, and what's to stop them from killing us and taking it?

Well, once they kill us, how will they extract the resouces they want? Surely we can mine the gold or collect the opium poppies, or whatever it is they want. So we're more valuable alive than dead! Hooray! But what's to stop them from enslaving us?

We'll sell them something more complicated than monoatomic metals, that's what! We're pretty sophisticated apes, we can turn our hands to all sorts of labor. Heavy mining apparatus (not to mention genocidal pogroms) are way more expensive than factories to build, and factories can produce whatever you want them to. Yes we might not make stuff as nice as the nano-fabricated smart-matter our clients are used to, but it's a hell of a lot cheaper. But then what if they outsource their dirtiest, most horrible, most dangerous jobs to us? We could turn our home into an industrial wasteland!

Well who says we have to stay on Earth? We'll go work in the neutronium factory or build orbital condos around jupiter or whatever and send cash back to our families. More importantly, send people into space to get their educations. Yes, they might turn into something we don't recognize, but our children will know how to compete with the aliens on their own terms. Except then the aliens will import all our most talented people and leave us with a population of unemployable idiots.

So we make Earth nice. Cheap land. Low taxes. Pretty scenery. Attract eco- and cultural tourists. Maybe our galactisized grandkids will come back and bring some good ideas with them. Maybe our cultural heratige will give us an advantage when it comes to ideas and creative design. Of course, we won't come through this invasion with the same kind of lifestyle we had before, but who does?
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And aliens have needs too, right. I'm sure that Earth isn't the only place where sexual deviants can be found.