Holding off First Contact

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I had a fun idea for an alternate history story the other day.

In a world where there was no Mongol Empire, the Ottomans never conquered Constantinople, and the Black Death never occurred, 21st century Eurasia is a collection of comfortably senile monarchies and empires. Trade along the Silk Rode between Central Christianity (centered on the Bosporus) Great Khwarezm, and Song has steadily grown, although the Three Great Powers are by no means friendly. When fishermen's tales from the backwater region of Scandinavia spark rumors of a vast unexplored island in the northwest Atlantic, the Great Powers prepare their zepplin fleets and embark upon an "ocean race" to see who can be the first to explore and exploit the forests of the newly discovered world.
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An interesting thing to consider is whether the Anglican Communion would exist here... (I mean, it is one of the defining factors of why Great Britain considered itself as being "different" from the rest of Europe)

and I think I know what *iconRainbowdragon-ny* meant by Zoroastrians, it's the first form of religious system embracing monotheism, created by Persian Zarasthura, it still survives in the Middle East and Southern Asia (here's a link of Wiki reference: [link])