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Here’s a stupid idea that I can’t shake.

Let’s say that, from the earliest times, people could “tunnel” through the Earth. Build a henge, do some rituals and bloop, you’re at the antipode of the place you left.

What would that mean for world history?

(here's MY answer, anyway)…

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Sounds interesting, but messy too.

I imagine the military applications would be somewhat limited, since the henges don't sound two-way.

They might be fine for inserting agents or assassins, but you don't want to dump an army through when you can't retreat without erecting a few monoliths.

Something else to consider is how the Mesoamericans should have a bit more of a buffer than they did in reality. It's a long walk though thick jungle and swamps from China to Coatzacoalcos, even if you start in Sumatra/Colombia.

I'd guess it would take a hundred years or so for people to really start to understand the implications of henges, and longer than that for someone to have the will to actually start conquering, after all there plenty of China to conquer first.

All the time people will be trading of course, inoculating the locals to Old World disease and spreading new ideas.

One thing to consider though is that Boliva is sitting on a mountain of tin and the Andes aren't really short of copper either. This could turbo-charge the Bronze Age but delay the Iron Age. Bronze is better in every way than early iron. The only reason iron caught on is that iron is everywhere while copper is rare and tin is rarer.

I'm guessing the Arctic Marine Mammal Hunters would be having a great time. Once winter starts coming the just walk though to the Antarctic summer. I wonder what the long-term effects of a people who never experience night unless they want to would be?