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...or 'wheel-zilla'

This giant alien lives inside a torus-shaped glass test, which it slowly moves by passing heavy stones through the gizzard that runs under the wheel's circumference.

This is a fast photoshop coloring of a fast sketch. The blue wheel is the glass test. The pink stuff inside is the amorphous animal. The spines on the outside of the test are to aid in locomotion (since they are hollow) also circulate air and release pheromones. The bruise-colored lumps are bulges in the gizzard caused by rocks passing through. The blue blob along the inside of the wheel is the evertile proposcuis of the animal, now tucked up. This is how they swallow the stones to get them into the gizzard.

This thing is based on a discussion going on here:

Let me know what you think!

Done while listening to:
Little Brother :)
Abundance :|
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We already had the big silicate fishbowl discussion, so I won't comment on that aspect of it (cool as it is); but what freaks me out is this creature's superficial resembleance to a creature I came up with like 15 years ago, and which I just wrote M0AI about last week! Freaky...Here's the relevant excerpt from my letter:

When I was 18 or 19 years old and first reading David Brin’s Uplift series, I was developing my own universe full of wacky alien races. Among them was a species in which the individuals resembled upright toroidal balloon tires, with a bulbous “hub” containing the brain and with two protruding eyestalks sticking out like antennae on either side of the central axis. They were called “Wheels,” imaginatively enough, and they really did rely on rolling for locomotion (I had a whole specious explanation worked out involving muscular expansion and contraction and a constant kinetic redistribution of weight, kind of a cross between the pedal motion of slugs and snails and the manner in which humans remain balanced upright). I pictured them as really quite an aggressive warrior species, at odds with their fairly inoffensive appearance, and one of my personal favorite aspects of their attire was this sort of metal harness they would wear that went on exactly like snow chains for tires, but which of course was much heavier and could be ornamented with big vicious spikes and stuff. They would roll into combat in full armor, eyestalks wrapped around their beam weapons--very “heavy metal.”

Anyhoo, certainly not identical in biology and function, but still startlingly similar in appearance.

Fantastic creature! :)