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The Botanist Mendoza

A portrait of the Botanist Mendoza, from Kage Baker's Novels of the Company. Mendoza is the main character of two the Company novels, one in England in the 1550s and another in Southern California in the 1860s. This portrait shows a little of both parts of her life, as well as hints of her true nature as an immortal cyborg (look closly at her face and hand).

I made this picture by drawing a general outline for Mendoza's body and face, then scanning it into the computer. I then printed out two copies of this picture, one of which I dressed in 16th-century Spanish clothing (based mostly on a portrait by Juan Pantoja De La Cruz) while the other one I gave a sort of wild-west possibly-a-prostitute dress. I scanned both pictures back into the computer, then printed out sections of them AGAIN, blown up this time, so I could go in and get in some details of the face and dress. I also worked out some rather complex skeletal machinery to put over the face and hand, most of which you can't see in the finished piece. When I had the outlines done, I did the colors and the background in photoshop with my new graphire tablet. There were some problems, especially at the end when I had to get the whole thing to look like an integrated whole rather than two sharply-defined snapshots, but I am reasonably happy with the result.

Oh, and read the Novels of the Company. They're a ton of fun.
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This is very good. I didn't know Mendoza was a red head though. I read the book twice and didn't pick up on that. Well then again I've only read Sky Coyote. Gotta get the other books.