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Map of Mars: races



From the first Mars invasion until the 1920s, man had seen only one of the races of Martian. The Ga-uhi/ge-uu'bi/bo'la-uu, with their relatively slender stature, shiny gray mantels, and V-shaped breathing holes and large, widely-spaced eyes became our Martian archetype. It was only in the second invasion that we that the unfortunate previous invaders had all been Mi'xa-u/ku'xa-uu'bi/bo'la-uu (sometimes called Central Martians), members of the Martian subspecies that lives in the equatorial lowlands and lower hills of the central continent of Buro'fa'sa-uu (colored in blue on the map).

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The second invasion, bringing forces from both the Central and Eastern Martian continents, brought man into contact with the other dominant Martian race, the
Qabi'ha-u/luu' pa-u/co'bi/bo'la-uu (also known as Eastern Martians), with their smaller eyes, round breathing holes, taller stature, and smaller eyes further down on the face (colored turquoise on the map). Today, both races may be found on Earth.
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