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Map of Mars: Religions

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A map of Mars showing the planet's three major religions and the few little bits and pieces surviving in the mountains.

The yellow and the green religion are related (as closely as Protestantism and Catholicism). The blue is the weird animist tribal religion of the northern steppe people.

What I've been thinking about for the Martians is a sort of ancestor-worship, where spirits of the dead may individually haunt people or inhabit inanimate objects, or they may combine in the afterlife to act as a huge gestalt god-mind. Or several god-minds. Depending on what the spirits believed in life about right and wrong, they tend to clump together into different gods with different opinions about what should be done. They show their pleasure and displeasure through events in the material world. The big difference in between the yellows and the greens is that the yellows think that there is a single perfect god who, if they find it and obey its commands, will lead them to create a perfect world, a utopian government. In other words, there is a true god, and all the others are either wrong or evil. The Greens, on the other tentacle, believe that there is no single god that is right all the time, but there is at least one god that gives the correct instructions for any particular situation. These theological differences give rise to very different political philosophies.

The original discussion of the idea: ([link])
The design of a Martian: ([link])
Map of mars: ([link])
Continents of mars: ([link])
Martian races: ([link])
Martian religions: ([link])
Martian economic blocks: ([link])
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the inhabitable zones looks like a religion can take them to demon owned lands, and to think respect the zones with life as holy ones, considering a sacred task to increase the habitability of their territories...

On Earth, they split on two main sects, one with thinks the lush world as a paradise for chosen people(of course, they)including all Earth lifeforms, and other who believes only Martian life is sacred and intent to marsform the entire third planet to bring to existence the New Mars plenty of Martian sacred life..
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I like that idea very much. The Land Stewards wouldn't be the only major civilization on Mars, but they could certainly be one of the two.

On Earth, the Green Stewards and the Red Stewards would split from each other, with the Red Stewards holding the majority in Earth's most Mars-like lands (Greenland, Siberia, the Himalayan Plateau, Chile and Peru, Antarctica), while the rest of the land goes to the Green Stewards.

A Red Steward extremist group might indeed seek to Areform the Earth, but they won't have much long-term success. The Earth is simply too different from Mars to support much Martian life except at the poles and on high mountains.

But anyway, great ideas!
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ArkkeeperHobbyist General Artist
Why do the Martians only inhabit the lowest lands or, the lands that would be filled with water?
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They aren't filled with water, though. I'm trying to keep Mars accurate in so far as we understood in H.G. Wells's time. So obviously it is warmer than the real Mars and has a thicker atmosphere, but the Mars in this story has no seas.

The lowland areas, though, are warmer and have higher air pressure, so they support larger settlements. The Equatorial Lowlands are the best places to live.
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danieljoelnewmanProfessional Digital Artist
Nice description!

Also, a random idea: Ancient mythology on earth is heavily tied to astronomy and the planetary bodies. Since Earth is visible from Mars, it would probably be associated with a god or some mythical being in Martian mythology...perhaps in such away to influence the need for an invasion (that god fell out of favor/lost influence at the time?)
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Maybe the Martians have a Dave Duncan-esque fixation on their astral bodies and give god names to them, you mean?
So they would see
the Sun
would Uranus be visible to the naked eye on Mars? It's closer, and the skies on Mars would be clearer.

Anyway, maybe the Martians are all astrologers, and there's some mystical reason to invade the Earth.

Or, well, there is a perfectly good politico-economic reason to invade the Earth, but maybe the leaders justify it to the peasants this way. Do you have any specific ideas?
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