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Map of Mars: Continents



Surrounded by uninhabitable mountains, the lowlands of Mars form inverted "continents" in an ocean of peaks and plateaus. There are three such continents, large areas of inhabited land cut off from one another to one extent or another.
The cradle of civilization in the equatorial valleys (… and… of the central continent of Buro'fa'sa-uu (… still holds many ancient hill tribes. These inhospitable places form the ancestral homeland of most of the inhabitants of the more prosperous and advanced Buro'fa'sa-u/bo countries. Fewer ancient tribes still persist in the uplands of the eastern continent of Filuu'cuu'sa-uu (… and…, although this continent is far more homogeneous. The new continent of La-uu'hi/veo'sa-uu (sometimes called Novaperegrinacia)(…, settled in recent historical times by the Filuu'cuu'sa-u/bo'la-uu is more politically unified. The far northern steppes of Buro'fa'sa-uu and Filuu'cuu'sa-uu are not technically countries, but rather international territory claimed by various indigenous nomadic tribes.
Modern Martian politics could be described as the story of the old civilization of Buro'fa'sa-uu pitted against the more progressive Filuu'cuu'sa-uu and La-uu'hi/veo'sa-uu. The technical arms-race between the two in the 17 and 1800s likely lead to the developments that made the Earth Invasion possible, as well as the political climate that made the Invasion profitable.

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