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Map of Mars



Seen here are the national boundaries of the generally recognized countries of Mars drawn over a false-color elevation map. Population centers are marked in red. Gray denotes uninhabitable areas.

My idea here is that Martian civilization developed in the deep valleys of X and then spread across the equator. Areas of low elevation became desirable as farmland, and there were several waves of invasions from the mountains to the lowlands. The lowlanders however, could grow more food than the highlanders, and so eventually developed armies that kept the highlanders in the mountains. In modern times, highland clans have combined to form nation-states, but they are still very fragmented. Lowland states are larger, more politically organized, and more advanced technologically, except in the northern latitudes, where civilization gives way to nomadic tribes. The big basin of Y was discovered relatively recently and settled by northern lowlanders. It, and the two lowland equatorial areas form the three big political powerhouses on Mars.

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Curious about the Channels of Mars, is very probable many conflicts could originate between political units, because they are a planetwide net of water supply spanning from the poles, at once their astronomers detect the watery Earth, and receiving radio notices from the expedition on England, the perspective of a world plenty of resources could quell for a long time the conflicts as a lot of effort are invested on colonization, also the Earth water sent to Mars could outrun the use of channels?