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Anhanguera magestic

Anhanguera santanae. Painting time...probably around 15-20 hours. The first big art project that I've actually pulled off in a long time.

I wrote a nice long essay about painting it, to. I bared my soul. I shared my quiet triumphs and inner pain. You would have wept to see it.

Then Deviant Art blinked out and I lost the whole damn thing.

And nobody reads what I write in the Artist's Comments section, anyway.

So yeah. New paleograph. Hopefully the first of several, if I managed to get the right part of my brain turned on.

Tell me if you like it, tell me if you don't like it.

Painted while listening to:
Yume Juu Ya
Yabu no Naku
Animal Farm
Changelings: The Twins of Peteybe (stupid book)
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Pterosaurs these days, listening to the Miley Cyrus music.