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:icons: Shopping Cart

A shopping cart icon for a Game Store...
Was practising icons... and came up with this icon..

Was practicing this icon at the company i work at Sourcebits.

Hope u enjoyed viewing it !!

Time Spent : 2.5 hrs
Softwares : Photoshop CS3
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Is this icon set yours? [link]

They have familiarities. Let me know :)

We would like to hire you to do some design work for us please! I really like your work and the above cart is exactly what we need for our project, however instead of sporting goods within the cart we would like video and social media icons within the cart. Ex. Youtube, facebook, Twitter, Vimeo etc. Please contact me at

Thank you in advance for your time!

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Hey Anthony,

I'm really sorry but I'm busy working fulltime right now and don't think have the bandwidth to take up any freelance presently.

Would it be possible for me to get a copy of this icon without the background? Really like this one
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I’m really sorry, but the icon was done a long while ago and I don’t seem to be able to find the icon to give you a version without the bg :(
Hei, nice work, only one detail, the cart looks to heavy, to massive for what is carrying.
But all the work is great.
Good job :)
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Thanks for the feedback mate ;)
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thanxxa lot !!
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Very cool! U're very talented.. ^^
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oh thnks !!
reely appreciate it...!
so its been a while u doin ?
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No problem! ^^
It sure has.. I'm good. Super exhausted but doin' very great actually..
what about u?
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im great too... super exhausted just lyk u ...heh work's been so hectiv off late..!!
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Good to hear. Well not that u're exhausted too, that's not good.. Haha, I guess we both need our good night sleep..!
benrulz's avatar true.. !!
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Marvellous icon! These details & shine :thumbsup:
And you say only 2,5 hour! :?

:+fav: :D
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heh..yea... it was actually a quick work... yea the time taken was only around 2.5 to a max of 3 hrs..!! :D
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Very impressed I am :)
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