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:icon: Plasma TV

Was making a Television Icon and here's the result, i could have improved some more on this one but i didn't have time :(

But u can feel free to play around with it and check it out.
PSD up for grabs...

Also inspired by the presentation style of :iconbobbyperux:


*For Private Use Only, please note/credit me if used.
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thanks sir. permission to use this on a flyer? GREAT AND EXCELLENT STUFF

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Habatchii Says;

very well...
out of the world~~~
cool icon good job man
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hey !
Thanks a ton...
really appreciate it !!
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@_@ Plaaaaasssssmmmmaaaaa.... I personally like the other kind though. XD (though the name of it escapes me at the moment XP)
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hahaha....hmmm yeah ..i gotcha the other kind :P
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cool Plasma!!! I like the color combination...
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thnks a lot Chinmay :D
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Nice icon ben! :)
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thnks a lot Dan :D
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Can i have it?! hihi, i think you did good on this icon.
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hehe...thankoooo ..yes u can :D :D
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Hihihi thanks i will take it and run then :D
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heh.... *me chases u*
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hihihi..catch me if you can :D
benrulz's avatar
ooh.. don worry bout that...heh... im a fast lil fellar..heh... ill catch u vehi vehi fast...
(also thataway i get hold on to u longer :P)
ZanaSoul's avatar lil bugger are you eh :giggle:

Awww sure sure catch me and hold on then :P
benrulz's avatar
aha....awesome !!!!!
wooo wooo :P
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