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Above - Draft 1.

Edit: Do a Download for the full size.


Birdcage Stock (mjranum): [link]
Wooden Frame: (Geek-Stock): [link]
Vintage Grunge Texture 2 (blOntj): [link]
Floor, Wall, Bricks (in background) (CGTextures): [link]
Guy in the frame: Bob from Twin Peaks.
Guy looking into the frame (with an arm bent backwards): [link]
Some inspiration from this Tutorial (PSDTuts): [link]


Allright, that should be all I've used. Phew! I got inspiration from a nice little tutorial and I didn't want to make a direct copy of that so I took some inspiration here and there. Also found some really nice new stocks I'm so going to use at some point more in the future, or some other from their huge archives. Great, no not great more like Fantastic.

Anyway, regarding the picture. Reason I made it is obviously because I got the Definite Gold Edition box home the other day and I've been watching like obsessed and I love it so I decided to make something Twin Peaks inspired thingy. We got some Bob in it, some Bird Feathers, some guy looking into a painting / mirror and a general dark theme with minor blood spattern on the ground aswell. Lot's of Twin Peaks elements put into one image, more to come when I find the time I guess.

Which is why I post it as incomplete, for now. This is Draft #1. Just like I did with my ship except this time I'm occupied and thus cannot make it ready for atleast two more weeks unless I find some time away from my examination in school. Feedback is obviously good since it's not complete yet, got something to say feel free to do so.
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