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Zing Tai by BenorianHardback26 Zing Tai by BenorianHardback26
This is the original dragon that dwells in the ocean within a far off coast of Sequin Land where it's farther from Dragonewt Ravine! Guarded by two Giga Mermen! (Two Male counterparts​ of the Mermaid Queen!)
This creature has eyes whose eyelids fused together to form a turret-like eye! (Just like the chameleon's) and it fight off threats using it's barbed claws (it broke off like the bee's stinger but it will grow back in it's place in this dragon's lifetime! People in Sequin Land uses it's claws to create anchors!) And it can even shoot a high-pressured stream of water! (After it suck it up!) Did I mention it's huger than both Giga Mermen and the "Giga Monster Girls of Sequin Land"

nefarious Double Headed Baron captured the Sequin Land's only aquatic guardian and as the two giant Mermen tries to stop this villain from placing the Mind controlling collar and using it to Destroy Sequin Land in attempt to taking over the world, this villainous two-headed criminal mastermind trapped two of them, preventing them from rescuing the dragon! When the Half-Djinn arrived, he confront the Double Headed Baron! (Unlike some boss fight after the Half-genie heroine confronted the Techno Baron) Benorian destroys the cage to set both the Giga Mermen free and joining forces with them to foil Double Headed Baron's plot! As Benorian himself destroys the locks​, the two giant Mermen attempting to Destroy the Mind controlling collar to have the Zing Tai comes to it's senses! After that (and no boss fight) the Half-Djinn whacked the villain offscreen with his tail club! 

Zing Tai and Artwork © BenorianHardback26.

Note: I took the idea from the first boss from "Astrowings Blitz" and Nancy is a Zing Tai Dragonewt! (Her body parts are different from the original dragon because her wings are bat-like while the other has fin-like wings, making it close to those of King Ghidorah from the Godzilla Movies!) Nothing changes since Zing Tai Dragonewts is existed alongside the original Zing Tai!
nickhalperin Featured By Owner May 27, 2017
Zing Tai is a powerful Dragon 
BenorianHardback26 Featured By Owner May 27, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
nickhalperin Featured By Owner May 27, 2017
Luckily Benorian rescued the dragon
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