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Sedusa by BenorianHardback26 Sedusa by BenorianHardback26
One of the Seven Offsprings of the Giga Naga who is named after the villain of the Powerpuff Girls franchise!

Nancy's older sister has not just snakes for hair but she also has five large serpents growing out of her back!

She has two powers that Medusa, the Gorgon of the Greek Mythology, doesn't have!

1. While in her seductive look, when her powers of her eyes starts to glow pink as her snakes on both her head and back turns invisible, the victim can instantly fall in love with her! Allowing her to have his hand in marriage in hoping to cope with him until the day her offsprings is born!

2. When she glares her attacker as her eyes glows yellow as her snakes joins in, it causes temporary paralysis! (in about 24 hours!)

Many people mistakens her as "Medusa", "Stheno" "Euryale" (all three of them who are Gorgons) or a hybrid called "Gorgonaga"!

Sedusa (Mentioned) © Cartoon Network and Hannah Barbara,

The other Sedusa and Artwork © BenorianHardback26.
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nickhalperin Featured By Owner May 20, 2018
Sedusa is pretty
JustAGamingFan Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2017
Ah Sedusa... Never liked that villain, to be honest. Never struck a cord with me compared to the other PPG villains like Mojo Jojo, HIM, or even the Amoeba Boys. That being said, it's good to know she has a list of abilities unlike her other siblings (Nancy excluded). Only problem I have with her is that she has WAY too many snake heads. Seriously, I've counted and I now know that Sedusa has up to 14 snake heads. Sure it might help with her in-universe abilities but it isn't very pleasing to look at design-wise to look at. I also have this problem with Vincent, Jormund, Hydran, and Tip.
BenorianHardback26 Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
Well the number of snake heads always runs in the family.
JustAGamingFan Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2017
I see. Thanks for clearing that up.
megasonicmanlover Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2017
hi just carious do you do request?
BenorianHardback26 Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
Not anymore! I closed it permanently!
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