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MM45 / Benoit Godde Concept Artist

By Benoit-Godde
MM45 / Helmet / Benoit Godde
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© 2013 - 2021 Benoit-Godde
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Tears of joy at how great your artwork is! Wow! This is Incred....... I Can not Believe my eyes! Just Great Artwork!!
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So Real. Your details are phenomenal
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Hey! I saw this very image featured in ImagineFX issue 109. Outstanding! :)
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wickedly awesome!!
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Байконур... (пацталом) :) Looks great. Is this helmet for suborbital free falls through plasma with some "over-G" maneuvers? (it looks kinda "drop-shocking" too, or... Let me guess... Intercontinental ram-jet-pack "jumping"?)
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Where do you usually get the parts for these bashes?
how long did this take to make
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amazing details!
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Also nice stuff
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So...Chris Benoit turned to deviant art after killing his family, that sly bastard!
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wanna have that
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Obviously very carefully thought out, extremely well executed, and the dings, scratches and graffiti make a great piece simply excellent!
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Its really awesome!! 
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Terribly awesome! it's like, crazy real!
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Thanks you guys/girlz
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this is ultimate 
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did you start with a 3d model?

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Thank you Guyzz Girlzz !! ;)
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