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Colton .:Jubilee myo 2021:.

"I know I usually work in the fields, but tonight I could turn your butter"



Gender: Male
Age: 26
Height: 6.7ft

Personality: | Flirtatious | Easily distracted | Clever | Talkative |
Alignment: Nuetral Good

Colton grew up on a small farm in a small village. He was known for causing trouble and breaking rules but would get away with it with his good mannered apologies and charms. He worked hard on his family farm, going from tending to the small animals to managing the crops and supplies. His family depended on him after his father grew ill. The pressure made him work harder but act out as well. The kingdom that ruled over their little village was attacked but won. They sent over a warrior to their village to try and 'tame' him and have him become one of them. The village leader entrusted Coltons family with the new comer. Colton was intrigued by this larger Nebnom and took it on himself to care for him. It took a hot minute but soon the Nebnom known as Kyril warmed up. Colton unexpectedly grew fond of Kyril, he found himself constantly finding ways to be around him. They had deep talks late at night, and Kyril shared about his growing up. It was a lot different than how Colton grew up. It honestly tugged at his heart. Kyril was given 7 days to decide his fate. If he was going to give up his warrior ways and be apart of the village, or be killed by his crimes. By the morning of the 7th day Colton grew nervous. His new friend didn't seem to have a change of heart. That same day, Coltons father had passed from his illness. But in stead of sadness, the village celebrated his life. The sky was the only one crying as rain sprinkled down on the village. Colton and his family invited Kyril to the celebration. And at the end of the day, they shared gifts to one another. Night grew and it was time for Kyril to speak his decision with the village leader. Colton walked with Kyril, he handed him a small golden horse shoe charm that he had made from scraps. "People always say that horse shoes bring good luck... I hope it's true". 

Kyril chose life. Colton runs his family farm and Kyril comes by every day to help out and escort villagers to and from the kingdom.


| Showing off | Flirting with people (especially Kyril) | Working hard on the farm | Having a good harvest | Small animals |

Pros: Smooth talker, Confident, hard working, easy to talk to, clever and good at problem solving.

| Boring meetings | slow days | snow storms | Being ignored |

Cons: Sometimes he says a bit too much, Impatient, Has the mind of a goldfish sometimes and can get distracted when bored


Random facts:

-Can tie 100+ different types of knots
-Can cook a mean Gumbo
-Has unlimited cheesy pickup lines stored away
-Has a southern accent
-Can line dance and swing dance
-Willy baby talk to any small animal/creature



Theme Name: Dude Ranch
Ears: Long (common)
Horns: Shard (Rare)
Neckfur: Grasp (Common)
Armstyle: Split (Common)
Tail: Bunny (Common)
Facial Distortion: None (Common)
Nebular: Monochrome Teal (Common)
Eyes: Clear (Common)
Perks: Short Syle (Uncommon) Kitten Claws (Common) Runner Feet (Uncommon)

2 Uncommon and 1 rare trait Proof


Status: Pending


My 2nd time doing the Nebnom Jubilee!! uvu So excited!!! I kinda wanted to add to the story I made for my first Jubilee Nebnom Kyril. So I made Colton who is part of the family that took Kyril in. I'm thinking they will become lovers uvu


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ohboi i love him :,D

"I know I usually work in the fields, but tonight I could turn your butter"

w-what xDDDD hahah i think this is the single most funny thing i have read on any nebber profil

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He do be a flirt! x''D I thought it'd be hilarious and fit him.

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i ove that addition , man haha xDDD