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Gmod/SFM ponies [DL]: FlutterSnail

The master of useless pony things returns with this!!

- Custom Rigging
- Jigglebone Antennas
- A very shitty shell model that is bodygroupable

Look what we have here, Twilyphants best friend!

Kinda random gift for: :iconmikolajmieszko1:

-Fixed texture problems (damn rushed releases)
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maybe she can be a fast snail  like in the Dreamworks  Turbo movie. 
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*Picks up Fluttersnail* You're so adorable!
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*crushed by horseshoe* Sans eyebrows intensified All around me are familiar faces...
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I'm going to cry she's so cute-
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ThemPresserDerp's avatar
Yeah,but still amazing.. :)
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My favorite part of that picture is her face.

It just says "Yesh, I am a snail :]"
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Ok first, this adorable, second, wwwwwwwwwwwwhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatttttttttttttttttt????????????
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Not a bad idea actually. Fits nicely.
And Flutters is number one shapeshifter anyway. ^^
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lol what kind of transformation will she get next? cause thats to damn cute its considered a crime xD
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So.....CEEUUUUUUTE!!  chica OMG Fnaf 2 Bunny speachless Giggling chica 
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its eh fluttersnail?
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