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KitBash3D Cover: Sci-Fi Industrial

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Published: February 18, 2020
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Had an awesome time making the cover art for the new Kitbash 3D Sci-Fi Industrial kit!…

Really wanted to see how far i could push Blender/Eevee for this, trying to get everything in real-time. This is 99% Blender/Eevee with the final 1% being minor color grading/smoke comped in Photoshop. If someone told me a year ago making epic images like this would be super easy i would have told them they were crazy! Blender really opened a lot of avenues to new images and artwork i didn't think was possible before.

The kit is a ton of fun, check it out and get the early bird pricing while it lasts!

Added some extra shots and video on the AS post:…
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Adobe Photoshop 21.0 (Windows)
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This is awesome. I've always been intimidated with backgrounds so I might have to consider Blender as a way to make those easier so I can focus more on what really matters to me.

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Ryivhnn Digital Artist
Blender managed to get so very much cooler with the current version.  I'm currently fixing a mesh I managed to well and truly bork beyond 3d Coat's ability to repair, and if not for the viewport update wouldn't have been able to repair it in Blender either as edit mode would have just died horribly XD (it's still a tedious process but that's something else altogether and not much to do with Blender).  And the sculpt mode O_O

Anyway I've only been using Eevee for timing tests so far because it's so insanely fast (2 seconds per frame vs cycles 40 seconds per frame in a relatively simple scene where the background is comprised of prims with no materials or moving parts and one moving textured character with hair).  I'll have to figure out how to get the lighting as good as you did in this (currently hair and lights are my biggest issues so I'm sticking with cycles for finals), this is pretty wow O_O

And given how fast technology can move why would you not have believed them a year ago? :D
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Replicants are like any other machine. They're either a benefit or a hazard. If they're a benefit, it's not my problem. 

-Rick Deckard (Blade Runner) 1982
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Looks immersive and very very real. :nod:
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WOW! If you had not told me this was Eevee, I would have surely thought it was on Cycles xD I am learning about blender, what I can do, what I can create and yes, it has brought on a lot of thought of what is possible now.

Fantastic stuff, mate.

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Superb work looks so massive.

Got to try that blender thing

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BenMauroProfessional Filmographer

Cheers! Yeah, just gets you thinking differently, can really push the scale and scope of scenes so muhc further than i would try if i was painting it by hand.

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Can I use blender on my images?

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BenMauroProfessional Filmographer

For sure, its a free program.

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Sadly my card doesn't support gl 3.3

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Thank you very much :-)

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