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In action shot of the previous design for fun, will probably mess with it a bit later but calling it done for now.
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with that much brass being spewed, it would actually be a slipping hazard, especially on something like concrete
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i like the variance in muzzle flashes
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Having trouble deciding whether I like the "sketchbook" version better or this one.  I think it might have to be this one purely because of the title XD
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In most terrains, caterpillar tracks would be better so 'walkers' would have to have alternative forms of mobility, made with artificial muscle fibers or be deployed in certain terrains such as this one. A battle-zone in a city would have lots of collateral damage and debris. Walkers like this would make great hunter-killer/search-and-destroy units.
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That sounds like a pretty cool idea. Caterpillar tanks, I don't think anyone has ever done anything like that in film, TV, animation, or in art in general, that's a very original concept. 
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I know the next part of the line of dialogue is "No," but that's the truth. I'm not messing with you at all, I do think it's a cool idea. 
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Love the design of it! Looks like it can definitely take a hit too
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That's just brilliant!
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Oh shit, dude. Great finish! Skewed angle is a great touch. And love all the kinetic motions / forces / effects. 

Mech was dope to begin with.  
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Love the design!
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That too, can kind of go either way.…
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Awesome! Reminds me of Advanced Warfare. 
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