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YES! this piece is done to celebrate the annoucement of the FF7 Remake. Hopefully they will carry it out to finish, can't wait to see what they can do with it now.

This was one of my favorite game I played growing up. Still one of the most iconic game of the PS1 era.

This will be a print I'll be selling at Otakuthon this year in Montreal. Please feel free to drop by and say Hi!

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love the expression!
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If your a fan, have you seen the Machinabridged version?
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So beautiful!! la in love la in love la in love 
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Well, Sephiroth has only to behave well ! Incredible work ! ^^
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Did you use atmospheric perspective and bottom view to make them look like giants ? oO
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Hype! my childhood...swinging boobs  oops, wrong image.
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Great work sir!
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Ah very nice! Love it!!
Share the same connection with the game.
Always love finding artwork for it!
Heart Heart +fav 
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Stunning work! :D
You're so talented... *-*
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dude, how did you get so talented..
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This is wonderfully expressive, I love it ;u;
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omg I spy Vincent <3 :'(
great work!
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i especially love tifa's expressionPearl Expression 
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Well, we waited 20 years for this remake so I guess we can wait a little more :)
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Wow great work. I really love your style. It's pretty unique. 
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You know I didnt really feel to hype about it. But seeing this, made that change! Let's Mosey!
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so many good memories,..thank you for reminding me of them with this beautifull piece of work :)
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