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Mass Effect Andromeda - the Crew

By Benlo
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the Crew - This was done a long while back on my own time, I wanted something to remember the team with. Despite the reception, I'm still very proud to have been able to work on the project.
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You guys put together a great game that had the misfortune to be released into a particularly toxic environment. You're right to be proud - I loved this world, this game, this crew, and I hope and dream that some day we'll be able to ship out with them again! :)
militarydallen33's avatar
You know I must say that, although I am one of the many to have been disappointed by Andromeda, seeing works like this sure as hell makes me want to give it another chance. It is essentially more Mass Effect, after all.
Celleno's avatar
Freaking amazing. I actually didn't think the game was all the bad and I'm still sad it didn't do well.
Coobalt-Dahonli-One's avatar
Man, ME Andromeda had many flaws, but the squad DEFINITELY wasn't one of them! Vetra and Drack in particular made the game worth it for me. =)
Benlo's avatar
Awesome, im also team Drack!
molocgrim's avatar
Dude you art is awesome probably one of my favorite in all the deviantart community
Ridanipo's avatar
Really great work!
kmkibble75's avatar
I loved this game, and this image is awesome. Thank you for sharing it with us!
Mojo-Smileyface's avatar
I really liked Andromeda - it wasn't perfect, but it was certainly entertaining. I hope that Casey chooses to do a sequel sometime down the track. I love this piece!
AlienFodder's avatar
Fantastic! You should indeed be proud of having worked on that game. And as everyone before me has said, this was a really fun game that didn't deserve all the bad reviews it received from critics and fans alike.
I've played Mass Effect: Andromeda several times now and despite the negative reception it received, I believe it's a worthwhile game to own. The Mass Effect series is one of the most beloved game franchises of all time, in my opinion, and has some of the most loyal fans in gaming. With such high expectations it was hard to make a sequel to the original trilogy that would satisfy everyone. Mass Effect: Andromeda has flaws, I'm not going to lie, but it gave us a way to continue the series beyond the original trilogy and gave us a new experience in the process. It's sad the way the game was bludgeoned by critics, but there is still hope. Casey Hudson has stated that he would like for the series to continue, so there is a possibility for a sequel in the future. We may yet see "the Crew" again, so keep supporting Mass Effect and the people who bring it to life.
Ugh, it still fills me with such a profound sadness that if I finish this game it'll be the last.
There is no more story for Andromeda to be told this way. 
This Artwork is Great!--This was a very good game, and is well liked by a lot of people (those who didn't like it were vocal about it but oh well), I loved the game personally, I enjoyed all the characters, however Peebee (my personal #1 favorite), Vetra, Drack, Cora, and Lexi, were the characters I enjoyed interacting with and using as part of my squad the most.  Like I said I absolutely loved the game and blame the lack of a follow-up or continuation on the people who run EA who are insanely greedy (seriously this game sold like over 3 million copies once you include digital sales and is ranked the 9th or 10th highest selling game of the year according to some reports) so there should have been an expansion on this games content as a lot of people would have purchased it.  But in the end I will love and replay the game in the future for sure.
c-t-elder's avatar
I had a blast with ME:A and I'll definitely miss these guys. Thanks to both yourself and the rest of Bioware's team.
gravity-zero's avatar
The game was AMAZING, thank you for helping it come to life :blowkiss:
Quirkilicious's avatar
The reception was bullshit, it was a good game. Love the piece!
Travis-Anderson's avatar
I will always look up to your work Ben Lo. Your stuff is always a huge inspiration
KK680's avatar
Honestly while I wish EA didn't throw the game to the wayside I did genuinely really like the crew and very much still play the game due to them and the other colorful characters in the game (and the ice planet is fun to drive around on)
uncorroborated's avatar
Hey, the artwork is great, it's the other elements that made it as lambasted as it was. Are you a BioWare employee, or did they contract you as an individual character artist?
Swifty89-93's avatar
It was a good game that needed DLC to help salvage itself from the unjust hate
Dark-Arts-Zer0's avatar
ME:A was a weird experience for me. I enjoyed it overall and think it was way too harshly criticized, but you can also see that the writing ended up almost entirely made out of tropes. I think they should've kept the series going and expanded on all the characters. There is so much potential in all of it.
Shadowstar's avatar
I'll never understand some of the reviewers for this game. It's my favorite Mass Effect game so far. This whole crew is very awesome. Great image!
Quinn-G's avatar
That's the unfortunate fate of most sequels: fans are so convinced that the originals can't be beaten that they won't give the new material a chance, or will always compare the new with the old and not treat it like its own thing. The same happened to most works of fiction that tried to expand on a previous work's foundation (just look at Star Wars or even Avatar), where the fans are too afraid to get out of the comfort zone the original work created to really allow the new material to flourish.

For the record, I haven't played Andromeda yet (blame that on my weak-a$$ laptop) and therefore haven't made my opinion of it, but I think what I described here applies to Andromeda's case.
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