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Burial at Sea fanart
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Published: April 1, 2014
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I've finally caught up, finished Burial at Sea 1 + 2 for Bioshock Infinite. I really liked how it wraps the rest of the story up. I really really enjoyed it. After finishing the DLC's, I was thinking to myself, if Infinite were to be made into a live action feature film, who would I cast as Liz? Who would I cast as Booker? What do you guys think?
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zenqueProfessional Digital Artist
amazing!!!! :D thanks :D
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lexateaHobbyist General Artist
So breathtaking and emotional! *wipes single year away*
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mysteryadvocateHobbyist Interface Designer
I couldn't love this more.
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Dunno. I think a possible movie should focus just on Rapture scenario. Sure Bioshock Infinite it's beautifull, and with the DLC the story it's perfectly connected with the first two chapters, but i think it's too complicate for a movie (looking at other movies based on videogames). Unless of course some big movie brand would make a trilogy. In that case they will take my vote
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Jason9811Hobbyist Digital Artist
Congrats Ben, Kev Levine noticed your artwork!…
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Awesome! The expressions really sell it.
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This is gorgeous. :)

I had been thinking of BSI movie fancast myself, and lemme tell you: finding a decent fc for Elizabeth is IMPOSSIBLE. I kept going through actresses in my head,  - Elle Fanning, Willa Holland, Molly Quinn and even Taylor Swift, to name a few - and none of them would click inside my head...

And, of course, this didn't happen when I was thinking of one for Booker  - nope, the moment I asked myself the question, my mind immediately jumped to John Barrowman.

With Tom Hiddleson and Nicole Kidman as the Luteces.
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AveiltheHobbyist Digital Artist
Omg that would be perfect. This needs to happen.
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Whoa... I wasn't expecting a reply... Um, hello! ^^;

Well, my fancasting has changed since I posted this. My mind has now decided that Jensen Ackles would make better Booker (I blame that solely on a Tumblr post... >_>), and Rosalind is now Katie McGrath.

My mind seems quite content with Jodelle Ferland as Elizabeth though, so there's that...

(Would you like me to explain my choices, both in this post and my previous one?)
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AveiltheHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh! No no, you don't have to. n.n I'm not the original artist... Just a random schmuck. XD
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Oh. Sorry, I didn't even notice...! ^^;

You can still ask if you want...
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AxeluxHobbyist Digital Artist
Big Daddies are one of the most awesome concepts ever.
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CosplayLove26Student Artist
this game is amazing, and your art makes it more amazing!!!
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RebellingLemmingHobbyist Traditional Artist
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AakamiHobbyist Digital Artist
I love the colour choices and the Little Sister looks positively creepy but not too much, which is good too.

It's a tuch question with the casting... I think that Burial at sea's Liz I would cast someone like Jessica Alba, or Scarlet Johansson (I am not a big fan of her, but she does fairly well action-based characters!), I guess? Though they would not work that well in Infinite version... So it's a touch choice :c
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jeffnaiHobbyist Traditional Artist
wow, amazing!
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This may honestly be one of the best Burial at Sea fanarts I've seen! I mean it. I love the way you've illustrated both Elizabeth and the Little Sister. It's one of the best depictions of a Little Sister I've seen, really showing the fear and innocence and the wrongness of her condition. I love the way you chose to do her eyes, without making them glow. I also love you Elizabeth. I felt that BaS Elizabeth was actually rather OOC. They emphasized this idea of "blood makes a girl a woman" and the whole femme fatale thing far too much in my opinion, and your depiction actually looks far more like how I think the Elizabeth of Bioshock Infinite would look. Still mature, still strong, but more herself.

also fantastic job with the lighting and the composition. Thank you for making and sharing this!
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Completely agree. I mean I grew to like Noir-Liz (especially her new character design, I'm absolutely love to do a cos-play of it in the future since I have the perfect place in mind) but the transition to that character from her personality in Infinite didn't feel very realistic. I mean I get she's suffered and hardened a lot by the end of the base game but I don't imagine her ever becoming that ruthless or cold. Wish the writing overall in BaS had been a bit sharper (it seemed rushed and kinda done at the last-minute to me in parts), the whole Daisy reveal in part 2 felt very contrived and cliche in my opinion (since Booker described Daisy well with the line "The only difference between Fitzroy and Comstock is the spelling"). Besides that it wasn't too bad. Got so excited by the premise of a noir-themed DLC set in the glory days of Rapture with a enigmatic new-looking Elizabeth but in the end I felt a tad let-down.

Again I never saw Liz as a classic femme fatale (outside appearance) and didn't like how they portrayed her in episode one (To be fair she wasn't as bad in episode two, still cry at that ending :( ). I think you summed up how she should have been portrayed as perfectly "Still mature, still strong but more herself") I preferred Old Elizabeth much more. Also agree on the Little Sister idea (nice to see them more as a victim of circumstance, like Liz), I just wished they fleshed out Sally's and this universe's Booker/Comstock's personality more. Though I was mostly indifferent to the blood symbolism (kinda interesting at first but I can understand how you saw that they over-emphasized it). Besides that, good to see others feel the same way. :)
P.S I love your tardis profile pic, I'm a huge DW fan too :D 
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WOW! Awesome!!! Clap 
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