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Bioshock Infinite - Market Fire

Very early concept done for Bioshock Infinite
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Now this would have been so cool! I like the idea of someone brooming in front of a blazing fire, LOL.

Also, I finished all of bioshock infinite today. the ending just got me so confused, and I spent 30 minutes watching in the explanation videos, and I'm still confused.

To me, that was way too convoluted of a plot for a game. I had to watch YouTube videos just to understand what the heck was going on there.

But thanks so much for helping them out with your Concept Designs! You guys did cool!
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There was a woman brooming in a store in Emporia. I think it was next to the Cemetery.
This game is underrated
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Damit! The colors are great! But the story inside is AMAZING! o.O
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"I've seen the signs!" I'm sorry I had to ;D
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Wish this was in the actual game.
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I think it is, it's just not as cool
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Yeah, but they change it at the last minute. Why can't they keep it as it is?
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if you hadn't found out yet they still have it.
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What went wrong here? Populi? Founders? 

Could make for an interesting mission-find out who caused the fire!
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I'd say it was the Vox, considering when you get to this part of the game, they're shooting innocent civilians.
And then they proceed to attack you right after.
No doubt it was them.
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finally saw the sweeping lady today >_< absolutely love this picture
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my shop is on fire. Better fucking sweep it.
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