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Listen 31

Listen 31
24"x48", acrylic on birch panel
Took a two month journey with this piece, very happy with the final result as well as the experience.
Conceptually it's woman as an symbol of god. If you look at most religious systems the description of god (bringer of life, caretaker, nurturer) seems to fit more of a mother's traits. Most religious texts were written by men for men and it might just be possible that a higher power that creates life and cares for it is the gender that actually does that. I wanted to present a non-sexualized, unidealized nude with quiet power. 
I've wanted to do a life size nude painting for a long time but was a little intimidated - wasn't sure I had the skill / technique level to pull it off. Learned ALOT on the journey with this one and it was a confidence builder.

For those interested here is the original and print information.
15"x30" Giclee Prints are $145.00 CAN which includes SAH and taxes. The image area is 15"x30" and is approx. 65% of the original size. The artwork is a high quality giclee print on acid free archival paper and comes packaged in a re-sealable clear plastic sleeve. It is shipped in a cardboard photo mailer. 
Here is the link to purchase:…

The original is 24"x48". It is done a 1" deep gallery birch panel (does not require framing). It has been varnished and is ready for presentation. For pricing and shipping details please get in touch with me. 
If you have questions or would like to discuss some options please feel free to contact me.

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I'm a huge fan of this piece ! its just... wow cant explain it !
I thought you reached a point of skill close to a true mastery of your art, but now. on this particular piece.... ppfff you just blew it up !!! 

This painting is also full of meanings, love this ahah !
I assume the skull under her hand meaning the submission of death against god's will and power. 
the doves freedom, or cleanliness 
as for the headset... I'm not sure, is it the careful hear god give to us ? or just because you liked it ?  ^^
but I'm asking myself a question what is the ivy representing ?

Plus, Women is the last creation of god, it is according to my point of view the height of god's art, perfect to represent him !

i would love to purchase it, but have to wait for the moment. are the prints limited ?
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Thanks for all the kind words and for taking the time - both are appreciated.
I just keep plugging away - trying to get better everyday.
The skull is death on the hip - doves are life over the shoulder.
The headset is present in all of the listen series. Metaphor for god or whatever you believe and have faith in. Listening to something other than myself and shutting out the negatives around you.
Ivy is just a representation of something natural and organic - mother earth vibe.
The narrative is woman as god. Most religious systems were written by men for men. It would make sense that god just might be the sex that creates and nurtures life traditionally. I wanted to do a nude that was not idealized or placed in a weak position - just a strong female form as it is and not sexualized.
I'm not big enough to be worried about limited prints haha - just happy people like them enough to want to live with them. If you're interested let me know I will hook you up - thank you!! :)
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cool picture. I like your technique of painting. the details are superb.
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Thanks muchly. It's the traditional Piambura / Verdaccio Flemish technique. Lots of thin layers - translates well to acrylics from oils due to the drying time and you're not blending on the surface.
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read a bit about that technique, looks really interesting. Painted in acrylic for a while but has stopped painting, adhere to the drawing instead. never immersed me in the different techniques. but you never know, maybe I'll start again sometime.
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When the music is just right...
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I love it! I agree with you on the gender by which god might most identify.
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I always liked god as Alanis Morristte from the Kevin Smith movie Dogma... seemed to make sense.
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Thanks. Honestly I have no clue... better people than me have failed figuring it out. Just trying to look at different concepts and ideas from another viewpoint.
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Incredible art piece!
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Thanks muchly!
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You wellcome!
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Can someone example this to me
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Sure, what are you looking for?
lownwonder14's avatar
I can tell that there's something deeper to this picture I just didn't know what maybe somebody else new
benke33's avatar
That's okay, glad it started up a discussion. I do a painting series focused on god, faith and spirituality that doesn't really follow traditional religious concepts and is non secular. It's just a different take on the traditional god concept / representation.
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Oh ok. Well it is amazing
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Thanks, appreciate it :)
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