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Ben Rosenthal
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Spider-Man – Responsibility and Power

The following is set out in the 'classic' 3 line grid.  The first three panels of the script are all of the same size and are on the first line of the grid.  Panel 4 takes up the whole of the second line of the grid.  Panels 5 – 7 are all of the same size and take up the last remaining line of the grid.

Ideally, each panel would be illustrated by a different artist.  

The following does not take place in current Spider-Man continuity, but could have if things had happened a little differently.

1. A recreation of the classic panel from Amazing Fantasy #15 of Peter with his mask off, hand to his head and tears streaming down his face as he realises that he could have stopped the bank robber and saved Uncle Ben.  

CAPTION: "With great power comes great responsibility."

CAPTION: "I've lived by this mantra for almost half of my life."

2.  Spider-Man is swinging away from an explosion, an unknown elderly lady in his arms.  He has just saved her from whatever has caused the explosion.  A Golden Age look here would be great.

CAPTION: "With the powers I have, it's my duty to help those who need it."

3.  Spider-Man is down.  He is not in his traditional costume, but the black symbiote duds. He is on his back; painfully sprawled on the rubble of a building which has collapsed during whatever fight he has obviously just lost.  His costume is in tatters. We see a majority of Peter Parker's bruised face behind what is left of his mask.  The mask itself appears to be falling off his face, not ripped or shredded, as this panel takes place when he was still wearing the symbiote.  This should reflect that the symbiote has also been knocked out.

CAPTION: "Truth is, I always knew that one day that power would not be enough, and I would fall."

4.  A classic shot of Spider-Man fighting against the original Sinister Six – Kraven the Hunter, The Vulture, Electro, Mysterio, Sandman and Doctor Octopus.  Go wild here (although the cover to Amazing Spider-Man Annual #6 would be a great way to start!).

CAPTION: "Then you came along and changed all that.  Now, no matter how hard it gets..."

5.  Spider-Man is on his knees, wanting to collapse but not allowing himself to.  One hand is supporting his weight, while the other is at his head, trying to shake off the beating he has just received.  In the foreground is the Green Goblin on his glider, laughing manically.  This should look as if it takes place in the modern day.

CAPTION:  "...Or how much I want to just give in, I won't because I know you're waiting for me."

6.  Spider-Man is fighting back against the Goblin, punching him with the last ounce of strength that he has.  The Goblin is being knocked off his glider by the force of the blow.  It is a triumphant shot.

CAPTION: "So while with great power comes great responsibility..."

7.  A nice panel of Peter in his everyday clothes sitting on the floor of his home.  He has one arm in a sling and a bandaged wrapped around his forehead.  In front of him is a pile of building blocks that a young child may play with.  On the opposite side of those blocks, and with some blocks in her hands, is a 9 month old May Parker.  Peter is looking down at his daughter adoringly, with a smile on his face.  It is a smile filled with love, pride and contentment.

CAPTION:  "...With a great responsibility comes great power."


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