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Somebody gave me a premium membership for one month. As I don't know who I should be saying thanks to, I'll repay trying to upload as many new deviations as I can during this month.

And I guess I'm finally going to change my username! I've been wanting to do that for a while. Goodbye Lethcaro.

Also, a few weeks ago I finally opened a website where a few illustrators from my city (including me) upload daily doodles along with a little known fact. It's called Aleatoriedad, which means Randomness, as most of the facts we illustrate are completely random and non useful, we just do it for fun. Visit if you like, I'll try to open an english section as soon as I have free time. :)
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I'll try to get more involved in dA community. I've never really got into groups and stuff, but I'm feeling that it would be a good way to gain feedback and learn from others, I promise i will try.
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I know i dont upload many deviations. I know i dont come here very often. I know i haven't updated this journal in about two years... but, oh, well... what can you expect from me? :ninja:

Anyway, a few weeks ago the wonderful :icontiripseerf: introduced me to ArtRage and i've been painting stuff from movies since then. I've liked a few of them so i decided to keep on doing that... painting things from movies, videos, tv shows and pop culture in general.

I accept any suggestion on this, if you like a special scene on a movie or something and you think i may be able of doing a good work with that, just tell me and i'll see what can i do.

And i think that's all for now... thanks for reading and giving suggestions, and i hope this wont be, again, the last update in two years =P
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