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"Hello Master Kirkland" said William taking the freshly bought trout out the shopping bag and into the freezer for safe keeping. He hated fish. He didn't know why. Maybe it was the dead eyes gleaming into his soul. Like it knew everything he had worked so hard to hide from others. The secret he kept with his kind employer. Arthur Kirkland. Better known by his friends as England, Britain, or Iggy. He has only called him Arthur until he was hired. After that he made sure he would never do that again. Making the main priority to watch Master Kirkland and protect him from harm. As he did for him when he was young. just enrolled in  the gentleman's society for butlers in training. Before that, he was a loud barbaric young man with bad taste in clothing and improper speech patterns . Like Master Kirkland's daily visitor. Master Jones, William was never the type to hurt others. even in a joking manner. not to the point where they want revenge. he might have only been alive for eighteen years. But in those eighteen years. William feels as if he has learned more than the average eighteen year old should. Master Kirkland refers to him as a special being with lots to look forward to in his life.  he didn't fully understand when he was young. No one had supported him after his mother was deported and his father committed suicide because of depression years later. He missed his mother. he barley remembered her. he knew she was beautiful and she sang to him in Japanese when he was young. She had dark black hair that went down to her knees. She braided it though. He couldn't exactly remember her face details, Master Kirkland was close friends with his father. he promised that if anything would happen to him he would take full care of William. even at the young age of twelve he knew he would end up living with the kind Man with the shabby dirty blonde hair and the thick eyebrows. Master Kirkland turned around to face William with a tiered but happy smile.
"Hello William, how are you?" He said patting William's white mop of hair into a frizzy mess.
" I'm fine." He lied. In fact, he felt like an awful mess. Master Jones was coming to visit again. He seems to come over often...