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Fruity Apples

By Benjigarner
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9 .png and .icns (Leopard ready : 512x512 px)
2 Bonus and 1 Wallpaper (2560x1600 px)

Hope you'll like it :love:

________________________________________ _______

This icon is only for a personnal use on your desktop.
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twelveunknowns's avatar
realistic apple scares me
replacement-whale's avatar
how do you use these on the computer? i have a macbook pro and honestly im not savvy enough to know how to change the icons but i really love the designs
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To change manually:
- Select the folder or app of which you want to change the icon (one click)
- Open the info window (cmd+i) 
- drag and drop the .icns file on the small icon on the top left corner of the info window
Or copy (cmd+c) the .icns and paste it (cmd+v) on the small top-left icon which is blue when selected

I hope this is helpful to you
replacement-whale's avatar
It was thank you much
ryanisnasty's avatar
Congratulations on the well deserved DD!
PrizedPixul's avatar
Congratulations! You made the Apple logo adorable.
jaio1's avatar
Tiffli's avatar
wow - colorful - something i love - and inspirating - something i need :D!
DarkVioletCloud's avatar
This made me smile. I know a few people who will appreciate these!
I love the blue, silver and red ones!
Riverthunder's avatar
Favorites are most DEFINATELY the blue and the silver. :3 Nicely done! A truly well deserved DD. :3
LuzJonatika's avatar
KonradoCirilo's avatar
This is so cool that I set it as my background, and I'm using a PC
lion-essrampant's avatar
Wow, congrats on the DD! You deserve it!
fangrim's avatar
This is really cool! I like them all! But the blue is my favorite. Probably because I like blue. X3
andbrg's avatar
Congratulations to the well deserved DD! :dalove: :dance:
sonicwindartist's avatar
Dont really understand why this is a DD ? Just recolours of a logo ?
Benjigarner's avatar
This is not a recoloring of apple's logo. It was made from scratch five years ago.
Feel free to compare it with apple's actual logo, you'll see that only the shape is similar. ;)
sonicwindartist's avatar
Why has it only just got a DD if its that old ?? :S
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