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Okay, since I don't have a premium membership or whatever I can't do surveys, so I have to write this in a journal entry. I hope that's alright with everyone.

I've noticed that my art with either color or shading gets way more hits and faves than the clean pencil lines. Obviously, people like to see more finished pieces. So I ask you, dear reader: Of all of the current pieces in my gallery, which one would you most like to see colored and/or shaded? There are only a few that I haven't done anything with (Batman, Harry Potter, and a bunch of my TMNT art), but I'm curious to see what you guys might think.

On a related note, is there anything you guys would like to see me try to draw? At the moment I'm relatively uninspired. Harry Potter used up all of my creative juices and now I'm back to basics, thinking about drawing Supes and Bats and the like. Anything else you'd like to see, comic-related or not?

Thanks guys. I truly do appreciate my small but loyal fan base.  :)
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Hi,buddy! I know what you are going through,I also have such uninspired moments once in a while =P So here are my ideas:

I would love to see this piece of yours being colored: [link]
I think it's a badass drawing of Batman and it deserves to be colored :nod:

Another idea I have is to do an Iron-Man drawing :-) Not that I'm a huge fan of the character(and I also felt the movie was overrated),but I think his armor looks quite cool and I'm just curious what you could do with it. And I guess you have not yet drawn a character with such heavy armor,so it would be also a new challenge :-)

Finally,I wonder if you could maybe draw a very dynamic motif,like for example a fight scene between Spider-Man and Venom. :-) Your TMNT drawings prove that you are able to draw characters in very dynamic poses,so maybe you would like to approach such a motif :aww:

I hope you like some of my ideas,let me what you think :-)
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Wow, thanks for the response man. They are all definitely good suggestions. Obviously the easiest one to tackle first would be coloring Batman. I've been toying with the idea for a while and maybe it's about time I did it. With the amount of shading already in the piece, it wouldn't take long to apply some colors to it.

The Iron Man suggestion is a great idea. The thought of drawing armory and/or machinery has always intimidated me, but that's just the type challenge I need to expand my skills. Plus...I bet it'd be fun as hell to color.

As for the fighting...again, I've always been intimidated by drawing characters directly interacting. But, as with the Iron Man suggestion, this would force me to work on things I don't have much practice with and help me become a better artist.

Thanks again for the ideas man. They're all excellent and I'll do my best to fulfill them. It might take a while, but I'll get all three done at some point. :)
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I'm glad you like the ideas :aww: I'm absolutely aware of the difficulty of that Spidey/Venom piece I suggested and I know it would take a lot of time,but I think it's definately something to strive for :-) You could begin in a small way and first try to draw just Venom in a cool pose,I would definately love to see your take on that character. :nod: Even without Spidey I'm sure it would make for a very cool piece :D

As far as Iron-Man is concerned: you are right,armor is more difficult than a normal body. I'm not good at that either =P The easier part here is that,contrary to that Venom/Spidey piece,you would not have to worry about any fancy poses. You can make Iron-Man stand still and it would still look awesome,simply because of the cool armor.

Either way,I'm sure you will end up doing something very cool - whatever it's gonna be :aww:
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Good suggestion about the Spidey/Venom thing. I might try that. And also good point about Iron Man. I actually just bought the Civil War hardback a few nights ago and have been reading it, and it has made me want to do an Iron Man piece, as well as a Spider-man piece, so your suggestions couldn't have come at a better time. :) Besides, I've been showing DC way too much love lately and need to get back to my Marvel roots for a bit.

Thanks again man. You're the bomb. :w00t:
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No problem,buddy. :aww: You are always very welcome. :-)