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Helping Purah with her experiments was one of the most fun things Princess Zelda could think to do after she and Link were done saving Hyrule from the dangerous beast known as Calamity Ganon. The Princess’s awakened power had kept the force of malicious evil from overcoming Hyrule entirely, and Link had returned from his rejuvenation, with memories of the past in his mind and courage in his heart. Using the Master Sword, he was able to defeat the Blights and Ganon himself, and now life was getting better for all of them.

The new developments even allowed Zelda to get back to her old passions, which was why she and Link were happy as they left Link’s house in the village and went to Purah’s lab. The diminutive scientist was in the middle of research when both Link and Zelda knocked before coming in.

“Oh, Princess, Linky! You two finally made it!” she said as she left her station to see them both, striking a pose.

Zelda couldn’t help but laugh before she struck the same pose, deciding to relax and show some playfulness while Link chuckled silently. “We certainly have. Purah, please tell me, are the upgrades we devised for the Sheikah Slate operational? Link and I spent quite some time gathering components.”

“Well, it paid off wonderfully,” Purah said as she handed over the recently upgraded Shiekah Slate. “Now we can start our tests.”

Giddily, Zelda took it in hand, seeing several upgrade symbols and expanded information. “Wow, this is amazing. And you said you did a few things to make the teleportation feature more useful?”

“You betcha! It can even teleport things to its user that it has pictures of, and the towers help to boost its homing prowess.”

Zelda smiled as she went closer to Link, showing him her upgraded slate. “Link, would you mind if we took some time to test it out?”

Link smiled and nodded, thinking it would be good to enjoy some time with the two of them now that things were far more relaxed and they could afford to take it easy.

“Maybe the Hateno Pasture would be a good place to test it, it has plenty of space and a few animals we could move safely.”

“Nice idea, princess! Okay, Linky, I hope you’re ready for testing time,” Purah said, almost as excited as Zelda by the prospect.

Laughing, Link nodded and went with them, walking hand in hand with Zelda to the pasture, the two of them strolling casually to account for how Purah was shorter and couldn’t stride nearly as far. Still, to be with each other after so long apart and reunited with one of their old friends, Both Link and Zelda were happy and content, their mood lasting up to when they were cleared to use the livestock to test the Sheikah Slate.

As Zelda and Purah watched the cows all walk towards the fences, a couple were kept near the center where Link was making sure they were spaced properly apart.

“Now, the Sheikah Slate will pick the nearest subject for teleportation. You may need to update the picture, though,” Purah said.

Nodding, Zelda decided to take a picture. While it would have been simplest to just pick the lone cow standing, she thought it might be cutest to include Link in the picture of the Hateno Cow, as he was herding it. She started to smile as she made sure the Gateno Cow was the focus before clicking, though a sudden movement by Link caused him to also be caught as the subject during the photograph. Not noticing, Zelda smiled and called out. “Okay, Link, we should be ready to proceed.”

Nodding, Link stepped aside and waited next to Zelda before Purah smiled.

“Okay, now for the moment we waited for! Linky, do you mind doing the honors?” asked Purah.

Deciding to oblige them, Link went to the index and clicked on the entry for Hateno Cows, seeing his own picture was in the frame too. Giving Zelda an amused look, the blond hero soon felt her kiss him on his cheek.

“Glad to see it brought a smile to your face, too. Now, go on. I’m eager to see how this all sorts itself out!”

Obediently, not wanting to keep her waiting much longer, Link pressed the button, but no sooner had he than he felt odd, and the Hateno Cow in front of him disappeared, similar to how the hero would teleport when he needed to. The strange thing was, though, was that Link felt a similar tingle, similar to when he was teleported. Before he knew it, the blue strands of transformed matter the cow had disappeared into instead homed in on Link’s body, making him drop the Shiekah Slate with a clatter and gasp.

“Link? Are you alright?”

Slowly, Link’s colors changed back to normal, but he clutched his head, feeling it ache. He barely realized that two small horns were starting to come from his head, while his ears grew hot. He looked at Zelda, as his pointed ears became longer and more rounded, like those of a bovine.

Those subtle details escaped the notice of Zelda, at first, until she looked and saw that Link’s nose and mouth were starting to turn pink. “Erm...Link?”

As he fell onto all fours, the biggest shok to Link was the feeling of tightness that came as his clothes began to rip, his expanding figure rending all of it and throwing off his center of gravity. That was also when Link realized something else felt amiss. The sound of ripping fabric and the feeling of the breeze were almost background details compared to the strange sensations of Link’s genitals changing. It caused a gasp of shock from Link, or what would have been one. Instead he, or rather, now she, let out a loud moo.

Both Zelda and Purah gasped, Zelda in dismay and Purah in a sense of strange wonder as Link’s now golden-blonde fur began to cover her body, her burgeoning tail growing and swishing behind her rear as her legs morphed and hooves burst from the shredded remains of her boots.

Link's body was becoming bovine entirely. Craning her head, as her mouth and nose became a muzzle, she saw her own large, pink udders, swolling with milk and swinging low beneath her. Heavy, aching, and making her feel embarrassed as her horns finished growing.

Little tufts of her old hairstyle remained with her golden coat of fur, her blue eyes large and fearful as she struggled to move. The Master Sword was on the ground, along with the remnants of broken clothes as Zelda approached, fearfully.

“Link! Please, tell me, are you okay?” she asked in an apprehensive panic.

Link mooed, stepping ahead clumsily and unsteadily before she accidentally crushed the Shiekah Slate under hoof.

Purah gasped at the destruction of the technology, while Link felt fearful of the development, a knot of dread forming in one of her four stomachs as they tried to make sense of Link’s sudden change. On top of it all, though, was Link’s need to be milked.

A short commission for jack4716

Features Link being asked to help with a recently upgraded Shiekah Slate, though a bovine blunder causes certain changes in the hero.
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sleetstrife's avatar

What if Zelda was the one accidentally teleported into Link... or vice versa? :O

Benji-Blacksky's avatar

Before or After the situation in story?

sleetstrife's avatar

Before or instead of!

Benji-Blacksky's avatar

It'd probably be a fusion of the two of them

sleetstrife's avatar

Yeah I realize haha. I just meant it as a potential story idea.

Benji-Blacksky's avatar

Oh. Not really interested personally. Maybe if someone commissions it.

TurnedIntoDragon's avatar

uh oh~ hope he doesn't have to spend months living in a stable having his udders shamefully drained like zelda had to :3

Benji-Blacksky's avatar

I'm sure they'll figure it out....eventually....maybe.

but hey, instead of Lon Lon Milk there'll be Link Link Milk

TurnedIntoDragon's avatar

would certainly be in high demand! maybe it'd be smarter for Zelda and Purah to keep him like this, i'm sure he'd just *love* it :3

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Love it more and more everytime I read it!

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Happy to hear and glad you still like it

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Will Zelda join link

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