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King Koopa Through the Years by BenjaminTDickens King Koopa Through the Years by BenjaminTDickens
Be sure to check out my tribute the King Koopa's voice actor:

I drew this image using an animation cel of King Koopa as the inspiration, and it shows his different color schemes used during each of the Super Mario series (plus one of Koopa as Bowser). The larger image uses Bowser's current shade of green plus his set of shell spikes and is the way I feel King Koopa should look.

I will admit that even though I am one of the world's top Bowser fanatics I have always liked King Koopa. I grew up with him on the 3 different Super Mario series that were on tv during the late 80's and early 90's. The voice of King Koopa (preformed by Harvey Atkin) and his personality were spot on as a Bowser surrogate, but he sure never looked quite right. Oh well, he was still pretty kewl in my book.

Q: Why does King Koopa look so different from Bowser?

A: Legend has it that the look of King Koopa is based off of the original sprite of Bowser from Super Mario Bros. Since the graphics were limited back then and no official art had been mass produced the artists at Valiant Art and DIC Entertainment did their best to create Bowser from the 8-bit NES model. That's the rumor anyway.

Alt A: King Koopa is a composite character based off of the Bowser sprite from SMB and the Wart sprite from SMB2. It's rumored that the writers/artists created King Koopa as a hybrid of Bowser and Wart so that they wouldn't need to use 2 different villains...a lazy idea in my opinion...But that would certainly explain the total green coloration and the crown.
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NicolasCruz Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2018
R.I.P Harvey Atkin
Madbird82 Featured By Owner Edited Feb 8, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
“You’re not taking over any land, you Bowser Koopa!”
Lucedo Featured By Owner May 7, 2017
I love the color references of King Koopa as he appeared in the DIC Mario cartoons.

Do you mind if I use it as a reference in the event that I do art of King Koopa?
BenjaminTDickens Featured By Owner May 8, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
feel free, but give credit.
Iwatchcartoons715 Featured By Owner May 19, 2016
I think the alternate answer is just as plausible as the first one. Why else would Wart's team work for Bowser in the Super Show?

I think it would have made the show slightly better if there were two different main villains instead of combining both of them. Bowser could look more like the very right design and only have goombas working for him and Wart could have all of the bosses and even some minor enemies working for him.
InklingGirl99 Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2015  Student Artist
Oh! , So He Is Bowser
BB-K Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Quite the nostalgia when I remember the old Mario cartoons, my personal choice is obviously the classic green Koopa with his crown. :)
qwertyuiopasd1234567 Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2015  Professional Interface Designer
My favorite is Bowser.
coffeebandit Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Neat stuff! :) I always have a nostalgic fondness for cartoon bowser. Even playing the newer games I imagine his dialogue with the Harvey Atkins voice; it was perfect! :)
BenjaminTDickens Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks! I feel the exact same way about Harvey Atkins' performance.  Wish he could a gig with Nintendo.
TheBurrillvillian Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2016
Here, here!
DinoLover09 Featured By Owner May 30, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I like that in the movie, he's descended from the T-Rex.
Dinosaurprince Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2014
King Koopa is Bowswer. In Japan he was referred more to as Demon King Koopa, or just Koopa.  Bowsers full name is King Bowser Koopa in the manual and in many other areas. In fact in the Super Mario 3 cartoon Mario calls him Bowser at one point.  "YOU BOWSER KOOPA YOU."  Why would you write this bullshit about him being a different character?
Crystal-Okami Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2014  Student Digital Artist
My god! i'm a big fan of King Koopa/Bowser!
frank6 Featured By Owner Edited Aug 10, 2014
I've always wonder why he looked like this and why they call him by his last name on the cartoon but first name basics on the video game? Really I thought the guy on the cartoon was better drawn then the guy on the video game. But that design went to King K. Rool of Donkey Kong Country
wackko200 Featured By Owner May 12, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ah, King Koopa! I loved his voice in the cartoons, unlike the video games. That rumor about the producers using spites for the characters is correct! I also will miss Princess Toadstool's attitude and red hair too!:)
robloxlittle Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2013
yeah well remember in super mario cartoons? it was king koopa then...
Nuggeting Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2013
The SMB3 render is my fav.
Ryuu-Atrineas Featured By Owner May 6, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Personally, I kinda have to side with the Alternate Answer. Not only due to King Koopa being all green (which even the real old Bowser sprite in the original SMB was not) but also because of his choice of minions. Mouser, Tri-Clyde and even Birdo showing up in the first episode, these are all things from SMB2, where the bad guy was Wart. To me, it seemed like they were trying to make a Koopa version of Wart... probably because King Koopa in the original SMB was more memorable.

Another reason I think this is the case is because of SMB3 cartoon, the Koopa Kids look much like their sprite, but King Koopa still was all green like before, despite the Bowser sprite even having hair by then. While that much can be explaned by the animators not wanting to change the well-known villain too much, it does make you wonder why they did the green colorizing for King Koopa, but not the kids.

All that to say, I think the idea that they mostly made a Wart-esque Koopa for the series probably is more likely. But between you and me, the version you did there with more spikes, two horns on the tail and a white edge to the shell is better than the cartoon's version. Fantastic rendition, man!
ChillManStudios Featured By Owner May 6, 2013  Student Artist
It's my show now!
DanderFly Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Darn it! Someone else made Bowser more video game accurate before I did! Oh well, nicely done!
euamodeus Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2013  Student General Artist
Kkkk. Complete change ^^
Steamerthesteamtrain Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2013  Hobbyist Interface Designer
i like how you made bowser yellow like today. they made king koopa like 1985 bowser from the original game
Diesel292 Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
big difference to his usual look, he looks like K. Rool
ThePurplePretztail Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
He does! XD XD
SmashProX Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I wanna be completely honest here...

What the @!#?@! were they thinking?! They're heads should've screwed on with Super Mario Bros 3, look at his sprite there! And they even gave artwork and names of the Koopalings, how in the holy heck did they screw them up?! King Koopa didn't even breath fire! Or throw hammers!
flynn1978 Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2012
GR8 JOB!! :]
PAGKAWASAK Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2012
the king Koopa design looks more formidable than that yellow bowser..
VulpineSnow Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2012
Have you seen the ad for Wreck-It Ralph? XD

Bowser's part of a video game villain support group in it, along with Eggman and Clyde! XD He also does a spit-take! Find it on Youtube.

That aside, Sonic may be my fave videogame hero, but King Bowser Koopa is the best video game villain, in my opinion. I think he leaves more of an impression than Ganondorf.
Ruyc Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2012
this makes me wish for a new mario cartoon
LoyalHeartDog Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
:iconkingbowserplz: VS :iconkingkoopaplz:
catlover34570 Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2012  Student Filmographer
they're the same
Digiwario Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2012
Ha! That's actually a pretty cool way to redesign King Koopa to Bowser!
DracoRex1890 Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2011
very clever mate, it looks good
kyuubiluver Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2011  Hobbyist Interface Designer
which one is better?
BenjaminTDickens Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Well, I prefer the real Bowser but as far as King Koopa goes, I like my design (the large image).
kyuubiluver Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2011  Hobbyist Interface Designer
king koopa,bowser same thing
Dobiba Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
he used to be more like king k.roll bro

am glad they changed the look >>
Tailikku1 Featured By Owner May 15, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Speaking of Bowser looking like K. Rool, the Koopa King once wore a red cape in Never Koop a Koopa, and given the fact that K. Rool wears a red cape most of the time, I can see where you're coming at.
Edral Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2011

triton7663 Featured By Owner May 21, 2011
Good information!
Galaxia-Darkness Featured By Owner May 19, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You should've included Bowser when he was supposed to resemble an ox. And when he had blonde hair and blue eyes instead of red hair and red eyes! :la:
NUTCASE71733 Featured By Owner May 14, 2011
You gotta do one with the Koopalings. I loved Ludwig's cartoon character model.
gofe Featured By Owner May 2, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
son hermanos
KennethArgento Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2011
like they say"a new make over" and nice background :)
aohoshi2008 Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2011
Is K.Koopa supposed to be Bowser in the show?
BenjaminTDickens Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yep. The 80's were a weird time for the cartoon industry, LOL
aohoshi2008 Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2011
Then who was that 1 son koopa of his (the green faced 1)?
I wish he looked more like Bowser.
b1k Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2011  Hobbyist Filmographer
I didn't notice a difference till I saw this.
BenjaminTDickens Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yeah, King Koopa went through many color changes :)
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