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Whe'reabouts ..::color::..

4K Views in color and the cover for the next 'roast beef sandwich'
(upcoming zine orchestrated by jeremy daly [link])
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i can't explain with my basic english's amazing!
Climbingfast's avatar
wuuut i love how much is going on and the more you look the more that comes out <3
LucyJOrchard's avatar
Featured in my journal :rose: :heart: [link]
Koepaard's avatar
Random favorite of the day on my twitter :)

I love this style and how much there's going on in this piece :D
BenjaminCee's avatar
on twitter? i didnt think anyone was watching me on twitter...thanks for looking!
Koepaard's avatar
I just share stuff from deviantart on my twitter :P
dizzylittledotty's avatar
looking good in the neighborhood benjamin cee! x
Rozetta's avatar
this really tickles my fancy ben!
BenjaminCee's avatar
Rose!! so nice to hear it.
skrane's avatar
crazy amazing as usual
Digital-Limbo's avatar
Well, well, well... This is superb. Well done Ben. :)

When I look at this, I have so many questions that need answering...

Keep it up! ^_^
BenjaminCee's avatar
well hello,
thankyou mr d.limbo!

ask away...
Digital-Limbo's avatar
Hello there Mr. BenjaminCee. :)
It's a pleasure! (I apologise for the delay in my reply. I'm a design teacher, so very busy. -_- )

I would just love to know what some of the things mean? Like the fact that there seems to be a lot of things floating or growing out of their bodies. Do you have any specific symbolism or is there a story behind this?

Looking forward to hearing from you. :)
BenjaminCee's avatar
Hi again,
they're elements I've been working into pieces for years, they are extensions of the things and beings they are coming from, their meanings can be interpreted in too many different ways, there's nothing solid i had in mind meaning-wise. they're my expression of their expressing. there's no story, but i'm sure i could pluck one out of it if you know what i mean. I like to think portraying something as living and breathing and moving and exeriencing
is meaning enough and whatever else comes is a bonus.|
Digital-Limbo's avatar
Oh wow. Ok. That makes a lot more sense. Thanks for sharing. :)
leifleif's avatar
Holy Jamboree! That's some nice colouring in.
enginemonkey's avatar
Glorious. Love, love, love your colour work.
dendril's avatar
Awwyeah, love color.
So many details - it's fantastic.
Love the white thing with the melting/sweating head. Especially its mouth. *__*
monavx's avatar
Real nice, buddy!
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