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Transfixed Ducks

By BenjaminCee
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Ahh, yes. Another amazing drawing that will visit me in a dream.
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in addition to be absolutely amazed and in love with this image, i am also curious what you did with it... is it being shown somewhere or something like that?
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thanking you ... !

This one was a cover of some friend's comic book...I also made it Huuuge (a0) to display at our comic stand earlier this year
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Cooleronio. I just noticed that the tree tops are kind of like clouds in old Japanese prints/paintings. Was that a conscious choice?
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not conscious but most likely they got in their through some deep-seeded/seated osamu tezuka vibe !
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It's amazing how much they look like traditional Japanese cloud patterns. I love those patterns. Are you a Tezuka reader? I used to devour his stuff when I first started living in Japan... I especially like the Phoenix (Hi no Tori) series. I haven't read him in ages, but he is so prolific... you could read his stuff for years and never finish... I have to get back into it.
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Phoenix is something i've not yet read but am hoping to start when i can find the first book and go from there...
definitel;y love tezuka, love his art and morbid storytelling/humour. I've read MW and have a few blackjack books so I've yet to ready even a fraction of his work but thats something to look forward to...I have visited the Tezuka museum i think? or is it osaka? Blew my mind, all that history.
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Wow, I didn't know about that museum. Wow. I'm going to have to go there someday. I live in Japan, but way up in Sapporo, in the north far away from the Kyoto/Tokyo/Osaka culture hub. But we get better cold water fish and stuff up here.

The beauty of the Phoenix series is you don't have to read it in order. Each graphic novel is a stand alone story, and they all link into each other with reoccurring themes. I actually don't possess the entire series, but I think I have read almost all of it. Each book will blow your mind. They deal with death, immortality, and some pretty deep spiritual themes. I'm not so into Japanese comics in general, but man do I love his stuff!!
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Brilliant colors !!!!!!! I'm in love with the lines !!! :O
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you're always vary much welcome. your art is rad as hell!
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wow wow, and wow once again! you make really amazing and original things!
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interesting , i like this
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love yur wrrrkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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thankyou so much :hug:
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interesting, very interesting
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That happened to me once. In the park.
Horrible. Just horrible.
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Your ink work is always so ace & I love all the dripping detail you always create too Ben. Lovely :)
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Yea. that's all man dream to Fuck girl in the forehead..
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