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Street Fighter V

Whoa it has been a while since I posted something!
I guess if there's anything that's gonna get me drawing again, It will have to be Street Fighter!

Here's my tribute to the amazing franchise that has made a huge impact on my art journey and style.
Can't wait for the DLCs! Here are the first 16! :) I hope you like it!
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This is an excellent piece! I love how you portrayed everybody here!

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I love Street Fighter V even though i most likely will never play it (i don't have any of the newer consoles Waaaah! ) but of the new characters Necalli is straight up my favorite of the new faces
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Seeing amazing art like this makes me sad that all Necalli did in the story was job
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Really nice work.
Ken vs Dhalsim  is priceless!
If you could I think you would have a powerful piece in isolating that matchup.
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This looks awesome! ^_^

As for the DLCs I'm excited, Alex is already out! And they just released a Trailer of the 2nd DLC character, Guile! He looks awesome can't wait to try him out, he also has his classic stage from SF2, the Air Force Base.…
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this is beautiful, Im just sad Juri has not been released yet otherwise she could have been included in your awesome artwork
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aww thanks! I'll be sure to draw one for Juri when she debuts!
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Absolutely stunning!
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Youre welcome! ^_^
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