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My new iMac 27 :D

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screenshot of my new iMac :)
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Soooooooooooooo muuuuuuucch spaaaaaaaaaaaaace.

I envy you.
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Woah o.o
nice hahah xD
I'm getting a macbook pro smetime later in the spring/summer =P
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yikes bootcamp ^^.
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Nah I'm puttin' you on, I read the comments. Gratz on the purchase; enjoying the extra screen room? About six months ago, I went from a 19" 1280x1024 to a 24" 1080p, and I know nothing could ever convince me to change back. :D
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hehe :D

yea .. was some time on 1680x1050 and i was thinking .." woow ..this is big resolution amazingg ... haha " .. but when i got this .. pfff .. its just one "huge" workspace :D
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Feels good don't it. ;)

Ironically, even with 1920x1080, I still feel cramped at times; I use the AMD "HyrdaVision" to split my screen into four panels when I run a bi-weekly DnD session, mainly because I need to have several documents open at the same time for reference and editing... And even then, it gets cramped! XD
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hehe i know that feeling :D
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nice screen size, 30 inch?
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plz wallpaper link. Really nice photo!
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Thx so much!
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Very nice :) Can u share the wallpaper please?
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Wallpaper please!
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