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Encide Battlebay 2010

My submission for the 2010 Encide Interface Battlebay Collaboration

© Copyright by BENCY-DESIGNS 2010. All rights reserved. You may not use my work without my written permission.)
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This is amazing :)
Qw3rtz's avatar
ASRock ripped this off. >.>
flowingice's avatar
looks like transformers,good!
Benjamin-Dandic's avatar
ash1989's avatar
Can you teach me or direct me to a place to learn how to draw like that and also photoshop color...
because that is awesome and i suck... plus trying to learn how to do some for a project but don't want to keep asking to use an artist art and collaborate it together.
Benjamin-Dandic's avatar
Hey .. hmm .. all u need is practice and ideas :) .. .. i didnt use any tutorials and nothing .. just try to work with layers and u'll get the result.. ..

idk .. try [link] for tutorials or something.
with time ull get the skill and then ur works will be great ;)

untill then .. live in photoshop :P
ash1989's avatar
Sweet Thank you very much!!! :D
ZerohFX's avatar
my fav interface so far ! really inspiring man
ProfessorCon's avatar
omg this is the work i want to get into pease do a tutorial on this and link it to me thanks :)
Rs-Designz's avatar
Dude you are god.
this looks like a Angry Bumblebee :D
this is so well done congrats!
SmokeWithMe's avatar
i added you few more times to my favorite, just to make sure :onfire:
Benjamin-Dandic's avatar
formerglory's avatar
Reminds me of a Protoss Probe from Starcraft 2. I like it!
EnzuDes1gn's avatar
grats on DD man :)
jurassicvenom789's avatar
I have no idea what this is but it looks bad ass!!!!
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