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Goku Ultra Instinct Aura

Requested by :iconlimitbreakgk:,
Here :iconruga-rell:'s deviant of Goku Ultra Instinct "Omen" / Migatte No Gokui "Kizashi" (formerly Limit Breaker / Genkai Burēka) with my Ultra Instinct "Omen" / Migatte No Gokui "Kizashi" Aura

Original deviant (Updated on March 24, 2018)

Mastered Ultra Instinct Aura

You're free to use it. All I ask to is to don't try to claim it as your own and give me credit for the Aura
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Sweet picture. Question: Is it okay with you if I borrow this image for a special request, please? With you permission and promise to give you credit after the picture is done, okay? 

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You did an excellent job on the aura, the likeness is really close to the anime~! I'm still trying to work on my own auras and such, hopefully I can reach your level one of these days!
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Ey, creator, may I ask for a favor? if so, thank you so much .O.
My favor is could yo rendor the aura so it's JUST the aura so I can make a form? If so, thanks.
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can you just send the aura?, pls i want it :c and, Good Job Drawing!
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Salut :D Merci beaucoup pour avoir donner suite à ma demande :) :)