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Imagine for Rainlendar v2

here is my second version of Imgine for Rainlendar

there are 6 skins included

2 x normal - 2 x horizontal - 2 x small

for the small version there are two different colors available

i hope you enjoy it, check out my other Imagine skins & themes

Imagine for Modern Layerd by me
Imagine for IEview by me
The Bird by me
Imagine for Rainlendar v1 by me
Imagine Icons by trashmonkey
© 2006 - 2021 Benijamino
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It's awesome! :)

nice job, thanks
KuPaSi's avatar
hey this may be a stupid question but is this an actual skin that i can put onto my rainlendar.......if so how do i download it?....

other than that its pretty epic thx
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hi there,
I create this in 2006, so I don't use Rainlendar anymore just test it.
I don't know if it is working now
cheers and thanks
sharunks007's avatar
Hey! I does work for Rainlendar2!
Only that I get a message that some features wont work....
simonbcn's avatar
It's very beautiful and usable but can you translate to new Rainlendar2 format of skin.
This doesn't work well with actual versions.
Benijamino's avatar
I'm sorry I do not longer use Rainlendar so maybe you can fix it by yourself.
yumi-honamaru's avatar
Hi, it seems this doesn't work for the rainlendar 2 since you haven't actually made them into 6 separate skins that each have the .r2skin extension. It simply won't install as a R2 skin. :|
great work..........
stalactite's avatar
Thanks! Will give it a try and come back to report. Looks really good though!
duritz89's avatar
this is broken on rainlendar 2 :(
Sorry, but How do i Install it ??
dot-Silver's avatar
Love the taskbar, I feel it the only thing that would make it a lot better would be having a menu when you left click on the left logo.
Stykera's avatar
I love this so much. :love:
lostreality91's avatar
Neat work man, love it! :nod:
Arcania-Tastiel's avatar
this is awesome. congratulations a great skin ;)
But i suggest an extra feature, which are icons for some categories..? ;>
Benijamino's avatar
thanks man, i don't use rainlendar at time, so if you like to add some icons feel free to do this ;)
gnrlove's avatar
awesome work... sehr gut... :)
SigN-91's avatar
Sieht echt gut aus ...habs gerade gedownloadet
Benijamino's avatar
Danke dir :D ... kann man süchtig werden stimmts? :D
SigN-91's avatar
du sagst es ^^ ..bin gerade dabei mir alles durchzulesen nach all den jahren hab ich das normale windowsdesign satt
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