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i had kinda meant to do this since people keep asking about how i am making my trident ^_^

so this is part 1

dedicated to: :iconheimdall-san:

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Thank you so much! This helped me alot! :D
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:iconkufufuplz: thank you! this is really helping me with my cosplay!
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would you say the leaves are about an inch by inch?
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Thank youuu o3o
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hey I herd about ur tutorial over

umm is it ok if i make it out of card board at papermache?
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it won't be very sturdy at all. cardboard is VERY flemsy
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ok im actually gonna be chrome but in her white dress
and i think my friend is gonna be mukuro so i dont need to worry about the staff, thing w/e u call that magical thing
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omg u saved me xD
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Nice Guide

I had thought of just taking leaves from my garden and paint them XD
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they would die and the spraypaint would kill them, yeah that would be a bad idea :(
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Oh my god, thank you so much! :iconarigatouplz:
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*turn out*

Sorry, my bad!
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I AM REALLY LATE! BUT, did your trident turn it really good in the end? :lol:
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hmm~ i've got some things i need to improve on, but overall it looked good! i'll post pictures later
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HOORAY! Okay, that would really be helpful. :)
I'm trying to make his trident, and I'm following your tutorial.
If there is anything you can change about it. What is it?
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when i was putting the wood glue on the spikes, i put it on too thick in some places and there were lumps. but that's really about it
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Hm, I see. Can I use gorilla glue?
Or do I use Wood glue? Hot glue?
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i don't think gorilla glue will work. i use the wood glue because it makes the object harder. my spikes are really hard because i did around 10 coats i believe. but i was careless and didn't make sure it was all evenly coated. i probably could have added a bit more water to it as well
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Hm, I see. Then I guess wood glue will do. Is there anything I should know about this tutorial at all? Something different?
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no. i made my trident by doing it the way that i posted it
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Are the leaves sturdy? I want to make the trident for my next cosplay, but I will need to transport it to the convention via plane. Will this survive being in a suitcase?
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as long as you coat them several times in the mixture of glue/water or whatever it is, yes they won't tear or anything. mine were incredibly sturdy. infact the whole thing didn't break off and i knocked it over quite a few times
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