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The Bride

Here (is) the bride. From a wedding two summer's ago.
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i really love tha shot and her hair just looks so beautiful!
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Beautiful photo, I love it. :) Good job avoiding the wedding cliches. ;)
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Thx, thx. I try. Sometimes I am mega-cliche, and sometimes I am so unconventional, I can barely contain myself.
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Now this is what I call an interesting wedding shot ... they are usually so boring ... this one I like a lot
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Thanks so much! I try to focus on wedding photojournalism over stiff, rigid, and far-too-commonly-reproduced shots. If all goes well (and it rarely does, yeah), then the pictures will convey the emotion of the day with splendor. If not, I'm fired (think Donald Trump).
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I always said to myself: If I had to do wedding photography, it would be exactly the way you described it ...
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And I'm sure it would be 10x as spectacular. :)
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very beautiful shot... and the details of the hair is just incredible :)
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