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Super Mario World

Done for the latest theme "Super Mario World" over at the Super Sketch Squad blog - [link]
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As used as the cover for Super Mario World: Return To Donosaur Land!

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I love the simplicity in this picture. The lack of enemies and the sunset behind the foreground makes the scene so peaceful looking. Very Nice!

Wish nintendo would do a remake just like this.
Did you see the video that your art was featured in that got almost one million veiws?…
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Ah that's cool, glad they credited me :) thanks for linking!
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Congrats on getting featured in Playing with Super Power! I did, too! Love this piece, man.
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Thanks! Congrats to you too :D
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SMG4 Mario 
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I love it!
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What an amazing redux this would be if the game were brought back. Nice render!
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Early Morning Mario!!
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This game was amazing! Best mario game ever made. Nintendo really put a lot of effort into this game.
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It was my first Mario game, and is my favorite theme.
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They did, and what's funny is, Miyamoto sees Super Mario World as "unfinished"
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8| WOW. I didn't know that XD So basically they're going to make more of Super Mario World, the best Mario game, but for the SNES. :D
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Well they're never going back to it or remaking it (to my INCREDIBLE disappointment. A remake with the art style of, say, Shantae: Half Genie Hero would make me SO happy.) yeah, apparently there was a lot more they wanted to do that they either couldn't or didn't have the time to, though I'm sure these things were put into future Mario games.
At least Mario Maker has a Super Mario World theme! I'm going to be using that one, like, 99% of the time, myself X3
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Also, I just said that for no reason. I knew they werent going to make more. XD
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I am too! XD Also, there were SOOOOO much in SMW, like those good ol' turning blocks, y'know, the yellow ones, with eyes? And the amount of speedruns on that game. Yeah. I, myself actually do speedruns on different games, and about 89% of the time, its SMW. I also do speedruns for myself, and I don't even record some of them. I have a some recorded speedruns on my computer, and still haven't uploaded them to YouTube. Wow. (why did i talk so much about speedruns?)
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