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Low poly Caterkiller

This was a pain in the ass to make, despite it looking simple, but I think it was just the way I modelled it. Ah well, practice is good!

I might make some more badniks soon, they're awesome. I don't know why the hell Sega decided to stop using them in the newer games. The latest robots just look like.. well, robots. There's absolutely no character to them at all. I'm really starting to wonder who's making all these clever design decisions over at Sega.
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FUCK that caterkiller in sandopolis
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From what I am seeing, all it is is four circles, two pipes, two horns and two smaller circles, and textures.

It's really good. But perhaps, had you planned it before hand, you would've had it a lot easier. Planning before making is really important in art and design and although you can get away without it in 2D, it can really be felt in 3D

Good luck, and hoping my constructive criticism helps.
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Looks really cool!

I'd love to see a Buzz Bomber xD
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Nice. This brings back memories.
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I can inmagine this in The 3D Gamemaker.
Good job!
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How do you get this appearance as the NDS? oO
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turn off all texture filtering and anti-aliasing when rendering :) Oh, and a low resolution texture is important too. 32x32, 64x64, something like that.
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Hum, cool
And why did you choose this style? :blahblah:
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You low poly models remind me how delicious low poly is.
How do you make these? They look great. :O
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They seem to keep introducing just a new generic robot with various different versions, all beginning with the word "Egg". I know his name's Eggman, but c'mon, SEGA! Show some creativity! XD!.. Sonic Heroes had Egg Pawns, Sonic Next Gen had Egg Gunners, and Sonic Unleashed had Egg Fighters... The only real Badnik that they have now are Spinias... For the most part, though, they're simply just Homing Attack objects... *Sigh...*
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I am disappointed with the lack of imagination they put into the enemy designs these days, I'm hoping one day they'll return to the more creative side of things, but I guess we'll have to see.
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At least Rivals 2 brought back the Shield Crab... I forgot what it's actually called... At least the Advance series and Rush Adventure didn't have those God-forsaken Egg Pawns... I mean SEGA could use the Egg man-themed robot idea, I'm not against that, but they don't have to make them THE ONLY FREAKIN' ENEMIES IN THE WHOLE GAME. I myself have come up with an Eggman robot, and called it an Egg Drone, but it's not all mass-produced and just overall lame... It also has a big mustache, and it looks more like a Badnik than one of the modern robots in its design...
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Very cool! Did you create other badnicks 3d models?
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Not yet, I'd like to do some more though.
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Yes, I wanna see more badnicks!:)
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Caterkiller! They were probably my favorite of all the Sonic the Hedgehog 1 enemies, they always stood out in my mind ever since I first played the game back in '91 or so.
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So cute! Love the old badniks too :clap:
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It's Nintendo that's making the bad ideas at Sega, I'll wager.

So many fun enemies through the three games that I know way too well...
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Kim demands MOAR
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The original badniks were always the most interesting ones. Nice 3-D work.
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now thats awsome ^_^
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