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"The Holy Anvil of Antioch" - Another card for the upcoming Jak & Poi iPhone game.

Painted in Photoshop CS5
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The Ultimate Acme! lol
95k's avatar
marvelleftw's avatar
The death of Wile E Coyote?
Budumpshh's avatar
my thoughts exactly haha
looks awesome
marvelleftw's avatar
:D Thanks for reminding me of this piece :) sure does.
CSBernard's avatar
And the only ones who can lift it are the Spectre from DC Comics, Anubis of the Egytian pantheon and Chuck Norris. ...With his pinky toe.
Threyon's avatar
Or, if you're an admin, THE ULTIMATE BANVIL. X3
Koushoku-jin's avatar
I feel sorry for the one at the bottom business end of this huge weapon :iconfaintsplz:
Hatchetstein4Real's avatar
SupremeTempest's avatar
If this were the end of the world, I would at least die laughing my ass off. :lmao:
stroggtank's avatar
Man!! no words, FUC%ING AWESOME... I favorited this only by watching the thumbnail :D
voltafiish's avatar
This is pretty awesome
fireilluminator's avatar
Did anyone else think of Fooly Cooly when they saw this? No? Just me?
Great piece btw, great execution!
MegaPatron's avatar
its all fun and games..
Luke-the-F0x's avatar
I feel sorry for the cartoon character who gets crushed under that. The colouring & effects look great.
Awesome job.
DanielAraya's avatar
haha that's awesome
aRT2MS's avatar
Such a great Render!
ZDForrest's avatar
We're doooooomed!!
Gamleerik's avatar
Nocta-Aeterna's avatar
Not only a Holy Handgrenade, but now a Holy Anvil as well. They make some weird relics there in Antioch.
BenHickling's avatar
It's a niche market
mistypine01's avatar
Wow! That's heavy, man. ;-)
coalheart's avatar
This is beyond awesome...
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