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I didn't want to post that one but finally I'm posting it...

It's just a very rough idea quickly realized. The group says "no" but the individual says "yes"... This is a contradiction I have often noticed in human societies, especially in Belgium!

I'm currently working on some more serious calligraphy, coming soon on Deviant Art!

For more information about my artwork:

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A poem by Katie Gabrielle

The crowd is proud
The crowd is loud
The crowd says "No!"
To friend and foe
I stand between
Of might and unseen
What's right and wrong
Debate sing song
To push away
A chance to stay
An idea born
To laugh or scorn
Reject or see
What will, shall be
One "Yes" is spoken
One voice has broken
The silence still
Pay up the bill
One "Maybe" please
The crowd appease
"Yes", "No", "Maybe"
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first off its such a cute little idea. in many social societies there are such issues... one that comes to mind is the election of Al Gore and George W Bush, where the society chose Al Gore, while George W Bush was put into office. i'm not to fimilar with belguim politics or society but im sure similar things have happened. over all, its such a simplistic image but it says so much more. the classic eye trick is my favorite part ( like writing 'green' in red letters) and that the 'maybe' is just chilling over there, thinking to its self 'well, what am i supposed to do'. this is wonderful Mr. Heine and i hope to see more wonderful pieces to look at and love.
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Yes! or No?
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I like it, I would like to have you design something for fillpad [our covers]
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LOL it sounds familiar :D I like this concept a lot!!!
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white/black ; 0/1 ; on/off ; no/yes
you have the choice
great concept !
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It makes me think of someone telling you to do drugs, they keep saying yes, but you hold the steady and final NO.
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Love this one :heart: :D

Nothing that’s worthwhile is ever easy. Remember that.
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So true!I love it!
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hahaha even if u wanna say yes u'll gona say no
nice work ;)
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I love the concept =)

Especially the 'Maybe'

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Great concept, very original! :clap:
i like this idea and how it's not just completely random!
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This not only looks awesome but has an excellent meaning behind it.. and I love the poem you've placed with it.. Did you write that??
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I like this a lot Ben, you always know just how to place each size of the word/s so that from a distance the final outcome flows visually. Am I saying that right? I just mean it doesn't ever take away from the whole "picture"..

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I love this idea! The "maybe" at the bottom really makes it.
Too true! . . . . and in, oh, so many ways.
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yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
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God. This is just so brilliant. I like your thinking, Mr. Heine!
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