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Two-Faced, Marcin Bondarowicz

By BenHeine
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Portrait of Marcin Bondarowicz
Drawing on paper (ballpoint pen + watercolor)

For more information about my artwork:

In The Eyes of Time

A poem by Joseph D. Greenwood

In the eyes of time
We are standing still
Past and present
All one line
Through psychic links
We jump the track
Into the future
Not looking back
The farther we reach
The further we go
Into imagination
And the mind below
An endless journey
Eternity's wake
Through the eyes of time
Not a moments wait


--> The poem appeared on [link]
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Hi Ben I love your work. Im no artist and wonder how people like you manage to create stuff like this. You're clearly gifted.
Are your images available for use in commercial projects and if so where would i go to find out more please?
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Apparently the human brain has a special part dedicated just to facial recognition. This picture seems like it messes it all up.
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OMG MAKE IT STOPPPPPP! great design, loving the effect and good poem
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oh my eyes are so confused!!! :D

its fantastic! :heart:
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That's really clever!
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omg my eyes hurt!
very cool though
pokie2u's avatar
omg, its messing with my eyes! ahhhh!

(nice pic though!)
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Fuck, it's like I'm seeing double, instant :+fav:
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He reminds me Neil Strauss :]
Helmvier's avatar
I just went cross-eyed
kekereke's avatar
did your eyes hurt you while drawing this?:)
rachelab74's avatar
This one really plays tricks with my eyes!! I thought for a second I had low blood sugar!! :giggle:
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très dérangeant comme dessin, cela donne l'impression qu'on a un trouble de la vision!!!!!!!!!!
caredee1221's avatar
Crazy! My eyes bounce when I look at that guy [link]
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your work is always inspiring... and i love it with the core of my heart... keep it up Sir...
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This is incredibly confusing.
You can see the doubles but because you kept a realistic style the brian tries to process it as a typical face.
Insane brain-twister
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am i drunk?.. well I am not.. cool.. it makes my eyes roll.. =)
donutello's avatar
pain for the eyes...and i said that as a complment! awesome job!
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Wow... You have simulated what my eyes do naturally... (I think I got too good at seeing double at will, because, even without any special effects, I sometimes see double with only one eye open...)

The poem is nice. ^_^ I like things about time.
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the fact that i can see so many eyes makes me feel like i am dazing and my eyes are unfocused, so im sitting here just staring at this, trying to focus onit, when theres no need to. great!!
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